Cinnamon & Solomon

Lanka was a thriving kingdom often visited by ships both from far east and from the great empires of the Middle East and Europe. We were Serendib to Arabs, Taprobane to Greeks, Ophir to Phoenicians. We were a hub port for Chinese Roman, Greek and Phoenician ships. Ovir (Biblical Ophir) was a port on the North Western Coast of Lanka. East and the west met in this port. We were a centre for Chinese silk and other eastern products such as Musk, Sandalwood to be exchanged for what the West brought. At the time of the Hindu epic Ramayana, Sri Lanka ruled by Ravana (900 BC) was more prosperous than India, says Dr Karan Singh, Chairman of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR).
Delivering the first Lakshman Kadirgamar Memorial Lecture, he said: “In the Ramayana – although its author was Mahrishi Valmiki, an Indian – it seems clear that Sri Lanka was much more prosperous than India.” “It was referred to as Swarnamayi Lanka (the golden Lanka) and contains graphic descriptions of the beautiful palaces and buildings that existed there several millennia ago.”
“As its position is central, the island is the resort of ships from all parts of India, Persia, and Ethiopia, and, in like manner, many are despatched from it. From the inner 57 countries; I mean China, and other emporiums, it receives silk 58 , aloes, cloves, clove-wood, chandana 59 , and whatever else they produce. These it again transmits to the outer ports 60 ,—I mean to Male 61 , whence the pepper comes; to Calliana 62 , where there is brass and sesamine-wood, and materials for dress (for it is also a place of great trade), and to Sindon 63 , where they get musk, castor, and androstachum 64 , to Persia, the Homeritic coasts 65 , and Adule. Receiving in return the exports of those emporiums, Taprobane exchanges them in the inner ports (to the east of Cape Comorin) sending her own produce along with them to each”.

(W.E. Tennant’s Ancient Ceylon quoting Sopater)

We ourselves exported Elephants, Ivory, Sapphire, Rubies, Pearls, Cinnamon (we were known as the  Cinnamon mart), Sandalwood. Lanka sent many an embassy to China, Rome and Persia. In 1000 BC Lanka was reported as being 900 miles broad and wide. This is seen in maps by Ptolemy and confirmed by Sopater. In 900 BC (?Ravana) and in 100 BC (Kelanitissa)  sea waves (?tsunami) destroyed and engulfed more than 90% of the then land mass of Lanka. With it we lost the gold deposits.

I recently heard that some scholars think Ophir was Sri Lanka and we certainly sent Cinnamon to Solomon. Septuagint calls Cinnamon “Kekunanama” which is the Sinhala (derived from Sanskrit) name. Sri Lanka also has Ivory, peacocks, sandalwood, precious stones – latter more than any other nation.  Exod 30:23

1Ki 10:11  And also the navy of Hiram which brought gold from Ophir, brought in from Ophir great abundance of almug trees (sandalwood) and precious stones.  2Ch 9:10  And also the servants of Hiram, and the servants of Solomon who brought gold from Ophir, brought algum trees and precious stones.


  1. We sent Cinnamon to Solomon’s temple
  2. We have world’s highest biodiversity index
  3. We have the world’s highest quotient of potable water per hectare
  4. Largest blue sapphire and the most number of precious stones – also rubies
  5. Famous for pearls in the past
  6. World’s best tea
  7. Fine golden beaches
  8. 126 rivers with potable water
  9. Tallest mountains per land mass area
  10. Shrimp, lobster and sea food in abundance
  11. A mountain named Adam’s peak because the vegetation is so lush
  12. Strategic location in the Indian ocean with natural harbours
  13. Amazing coral life and tropical fish
  14. Most diverse cuisine according to Ency. Britannica
  15. and some very sad brutalities


Jon 1:3

To flee unto Tarshish – Some say Tartessus, in Spain, near the straits of Gibraltar, others, Tarsus, in Cilicia; and others, Taprobana, or the island of Ceylon, formerly called Taprobah; and Tabrobavagh in Sanskrit, to the present day. (Clarke’ Commentary). Tarsus of west (Near Spain) and a Tarsus of the East which some say was Sri Lanka (Taprobane – ancient name).

1Ki 9:28And they came to Ophir,…. About which place there are various opinions; some take it to be the little island of Zocatora, on the eastern coast of Africa, at a small distance from the straits of Babelmandel; others the island of Ceylon; others Sofala in (Gill)  Cinnamonis obtained from a tree allied to the laurel that grows in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and other islands of the Indian Ocean, known in Botany as the Cinnamomum zeylanicum. It is the inner rind of the tree dried in the sun. It was imported from India in very early times by the people of Ophir, and brought with other spices from the south part of Arabia by the trading caravans that visited Egypt and Syria. The mention of these spices in Exodus may be taken as the earliest notice we have connected with commerce with the remote East.

  1. Sri Lanka probably suffered a tsunami in 900 BC (?Ravana was king) and 200 BC (Kelanitissa was king)  and lost 90% of her land mass. According to the maps of Ptolemy, Taprobane was 900 miles length and breadth. Sri Lanka lost her gold coast during these tsunamis. It is in this area that Petroleum has now been found.
  2. Ophir was Ovir – older name for Mannar, sea port on North West coast of Sri Lanka, known as the G reat Emporium in ancient times because it was the hub between East and west. Tarshish some say was Galle, an ancient Port in the south of Sri Lanka.
  3. Hebrew names for Apes, Peacock, Gems, Ivory in 1 K10:22 are transliteration from the Tamil used in Ovir (North West Sri Lanka) at that time.

We are holding on to the hope that the Lord of the Nations will restore prosperity to Sri Lanka.



May Our God given Lanka – Console through this tearful time

As the Director of the Concerned Professionals’ Forum, my staff & I extend to all bereaved our heartfelt condolences. To our foreign guests I say, I am deeply grieved that we failed to protect you, when you had chosen to spend the Easter Holidays, so close to your heart & family, in Sri Lanka.

I am aware that for many of you, what turned out to be a tragic visit, was not the first. I plead with you, it will be not the last.  You were integrally involved in resurrecting Sri Lanka’s image, marred by years of terrorism, until the National Geographic recorded Sri Lanka, as the most sought destination. Please do help us to tide over this  unfortunate period and make Sri Lanka once again the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, Isle of Serendipity, Serendib of Sinbad’s fame, Granary of the East, Emerald Isle and Salubrious & smiling to all.

My fellow countrymen, who lost your loved ones on such a hope filled day as Easter, when we remember the Historic Triumph of Jesus Christ of Good over Evil, I share my heavy heart with you, as you sorrowfully order the religious functions to honour the home call of your loved ones. Sons & Daughters who lost your parent and parents who lost your child, and others who lost your friend or relative, we extend our hearts, thoughts & prayers to you. We, Sri Lankans of all ethnic & religious backgrounds, unite our hearts with undaunted resolve, to make our God given Lanka console through this tearful time. Love never dies but is only resurrected in a fairer country. May God’s face shine encouragement to you & may the turf lay soft & gentle over your departed ones, until we meet in Sweet by & by.

Dr Lalith Mendis – Director, Concerned Professionals’ Forum.

Director, Colombo Empathic Learning Centre.

Resurrection – All Of History Cries Out Liberation – It Is Finished

Resurrection – All Of History Cries Out Liberation – It Is Finished

Dr Lalith Mendis

Winter arising to life by spring sets Resurrection in the created order. Phoenix arising from the ashes & hero coming back to defeat the villain, are popular stories in many cultures. Right triumphing over evil, is the cry of the human heart. Grain of wheat falling down to the ground to die, rather than abide alone, and then arising as a hundred fold harvest, maximum possible with natural seed (without genetic engineering) according to the Lord Jesus, was How He Himself described His Death & Resurrection one week prior to his Crucifixion.

Every Old Testament prophecy or Type that predicted Crucifixion also included the Promise of the Resurrection. Humble Suffering Servant who dies as the Lamb of God & the Risen Lord & the Returning King were the three roles of the Good Shepherd projected in Prophecy. Two are fulfilled – one is to come. The Law of defining sin, indictment & prescribing punishment passed away to give way to Grace & Mercy. Emancipation & Liberation, the cry of every human heart, the hope that springs eternal in every human breast was fulfilled when the Victim Christ turned tables & trumped the Tyrant – demonic, religious, political, socio-economic & all spheres, to burst the gates of oppression, repression & suppression and arise as Compassionate Victor. Sons in slavery will be redeemed with His purchase price, the Ransom and will become the Prized Progeny of the New Global Order where Mercy Triumphs over Justice.

Words of the Cross set the Liberation agenda of the Resurrection.

  1. First Word – Father Forgive for they do not know what they do – we are mandated to over any conflict by forgiveness & identificational repentance, taking un our hearts, the sorrows & errors of others. Thus are races reconciled & bruises healed. By this meek will rule over oppressors, mourning will bring comfort, we shall sound the depths of Mercy in the Father Heart of God, and the poor receive a Kingdom. Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors – will be the watch word, the Battle Cry of this Magna Carta – the Charter of Liberation.
  2. Second Word – “Here is your son; son here is your mother” – Little Flock who receive the Kingdom will be a the New Family with separating walls of race, caste, social status & generational gaps breaking down, melting away in the Love of God. Family will share as they pray, “Our Father Your Kingdom come…Your will be done on earth as in Heaven…..Give us Our daily bread”
  3. Third Word – “You will be with me in Paradise Today”, in response to the appeal of the villain who earlier vilified the Dying Saviour, “Jesus, Remember me when you come in your Kingdom. What assurance. The worst receives mercy. At the end of the Crucifixion, the most powerful present, the Centurion opens his eyes as Heaven attests Christ’s Deity with an unusual solar eclipse at noonday ( recorded by Africanus, the Historian, as seen even in North America) and earth attests with an earthquake recorded as far Nice & Rome and the night attests with a Red Blood Moon. The oppressed & oppressor both worship the Saviour – outcaste & gentile believe, New Covenant comes to be even before the Resurrection.
  4. Final Word – It is Finished. – Rock will roll, Rome will bow, Empire will wane, Christ remains. Meek will rule by the kingdom of the heart, race will not be ot the swift but to the compassionate. You will not need to perform or perish – it is accomplished. Value, worth & significance He has brought. Struggle for ec=xistence no more. Might will not be right but right will b right. HisKingdom of peace will know no end. Cup triumphed over Peter’s sword.

When the time came, and Saviour was asked to turn water to wine, He hesitated. Jesus knew when He does the first sign, it would also sign His death warrant, death march of only 3 more years. Saviour began His ministry at a Passover feast. Nine times he would come to & go from Jerusalem for feasts. Last visit would be the tenth and that would be His last Passover. Every Jewish household separated a Lamb for slaughter at Passover. This would be the last needed since God Himself would become the Lamb of God, the last needed sacrifice. “It is Finished” would be the epitaph.

Women to the Fore

Mary of Bethany anointed the body of Christ for resurrection. Do not fear the immersion into His death. There will be great resurrection. Latter glory of my house will be greater than the former, because of this anointing for burial. Hidden treasures will be rubbed on as precious myrrh – fragrance of Jesus fills the House, City & the Nation. This is the anointing of turning the other cheek. This is the anointing of the Lamb led to the Slaughter. This is Gal 2:20. Phil 1:21. A Church is arising who resurrect in the fiery furnace – no smell of burning. Not a hair singed. Fourth Man coming thru. Mary of Magdala by the Tomb Sees the Risen Lord. First Ambassador of the Resurrection is a woman. Devotion of Mary the mother of Jesus would be a world wide symbol How Innocence trumped Villainy. Jesus who gave up His human Life will take up His Divine Life in us who open our hearts to the Risen Lord. Thus nations will transform one person at a time.

Nations Learn War No More

Drinking the cup will baptise us into all He is that we may have all He has for us. This is crossing the Rubicund. Commitment of no return.  Receiving His will denying my will in every hourly decision is the drinking of the cup of victory. Thus begins the triumphal procession of Jesus’ fragrance filling the city. Not by standing in the public square but by kneeling in the private Presence, we will have the victory.

This is the anointing of the Good Samaritan, to pick up a foolish, bruising bleeding people & nation & apply the oil & the wine, Church being the Inn that does not charge cost, offence, tit for tat. We chose the cup rather than Peter’s sword. Jn 18:11.

It is a wonderful think to fall into the fingers of God when He shall the rub the Love of God into our inward parts, ambitions & affections. Anointing to descend low as needed, will surely be the anointing for the ascension, picking up rebellious people, rebellious city & rebellious nation into the fragrance of Jesus, as they see us descending low when persecuted, when grief stricken and arising as the sweet savour offering as our Saviour. And the rebellious will arise with Christ gifts to serve Him whom they vilified. As Hudson Taylor said – those who bear the cross shall wear the crown.



Journey of Learning – Vintage Wine in New Skins. Anchored to Truth – Geared for Trends

Part 1 – Journey of Learning – Vintage Wine in New Skins. Anchored to Truth – Geared for Trends

  1. Use the Realty show approach to attract the digitalised Millennial
  2. Plan a digital transformation as you go on. Without this they will live below potential & live aberration. You cannot avoid the issue, if you hope to build succession into 20 to 35 yrs.
  3. Start the process in Kids Church.
  4. If France could ban screen from class room – kids church should, eventually. If Little Masters Play School now owned by STC MtL can do without screens, any kids church can. But that is further on. Now engage the digitalised in order to recover full potential and to revert them into Top Down executive empathic creative reflective living, turning them away for bottom up, dyspathic, intuitive, reflexive, reactive even changing never learning mode.
  5. Receive them with the loud bang, large stage & screen, sound & sight they crave. In the next half hour cool down to more analog style.
  6. What is Analog style of ministry? Hands on, face to face rather than face to screen, activation, real physical, real touch * see, taste & know. Gyrate without drums or music. Shift from electronic drums to real drums. Reduce the base guitar & increase the lead & rhythm. Do some songs with lead only & keyboards. Reduce synthetic rhythm so that kids get internal rhythm. Let kinaesthesia be internally initiated. Introduce Vilin, Flute, Clarinet – give up synthsizer. Let more young out fingers on strings & rough touch.
  7. Bare footed on stage with choir rope woven mat (lanu paduru or cricket matting) will greatly help reduce digitalization of people who are long on stage.
  8. Substitute half half LCD screens for LED screens. 15 min into programme reduce LED lights, after attraction is done, doa blue light detox.
  9. Imperceptibly, Change the music & lyrics to contemporary song where notes carefully hug the lyrics. Give them songs where notes have to read while playing.
  10. Increase actual script writing & script acting. Use drama creative kinaesthetic to overcome synthetic coerced kinaesthesia.

Kidneys of the World – Corals are down to 40%. At 33% We get Kidney Failure.

Kidneys of the World – Corals are down to 40%. At 33% We get Kidney Failure.

How are coral reefs affected by warmer temperatures and acidification?

Ocean bed is covered with vegetation around the Equator. Ocean vegetation was created on Day 5. The Ocean bed is undulating – that is it has tall mountains and deep valleys. This makes the Oceans to have a larger surface area than the surface of the earth. This is why the Oceans are the real ecological balance of the globe. Ocean bed is covered with grass which produce large quantities of Oxygen. Ocean bed also acts like the world’s kidney. Corals are alive in the Ocean bed. They absorb HCO3 (bicarbonate) ion produced when Carbon Dioxide (CO2) dissolves in water. CO2 is the result of respiration by living organisms and pollution of industry. When Ocean bed denudes further corals will not be enough to absorb all the CO2 of the earth. Destruction of the Ocean bed vegetation is the real reason for CO2 accumulation and global warming. At present the Corals are down to 40%. Since Corals remove acidic HCO3, they keep pH value of water constant. If not no living organism can live. Enzymes that catalyse body metabolism of plants & animals can work only at regulated pH value. If the human body loses more than two thirds of its kidney supply (that is one full kidney & one third of the other) we call it Kidney Failure. Human Body needs 33%  of its kidney to function minimally. What does it mean that the world’s corals are down to 40%? If it goes below 33% – earth will be in irrecoverable trouble.

What has caused such damage to ocean corals? Ocean liners, Oil Tankers unload tonnes of garbage. Companies dump tonnes of clothing to keep prices competitive. Such selfish behaviour of man has nearly ruined the planet. God made all things bright & beautiful – all things wise & wonderful. Man selfishly used up too much with no care for future generations.  Coral reefs may host the highest biodiversity on Earth. Reef animals yield antibiotics, anticancer drugs and other medical products, and pharmaceutical companies are actively prospecting for more. Tourism and recreation, for example at the Great Barrier Reef and in the Caribbean, add to the economic value of reefs. Fringing reefs protect shorelines from storm surges and erosion. Coral reefs may be the most vulnerable to all the climate stressors — rising temperatures, acidification, invasion by pathogens, higher sea levels and increased frequency of severe storms.

Coral bleaching occurs when zooxanthellae abandon corals in response to high temperatures. Zooxanthellae, which are photosynthesizing algae and cyanobacteria combined, provide more than 95% of the food of their coral hosts and give corals their particular coloration. Under stress, corals expel these zooxantheallae, which leads to a bleached appearance. Corals can survive brief periods of coral bleaching but sustained bleaching can lead to coral death.

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) monitors for bleaching hot spots. In 1998 and 2002, the Great Barrier Reef and other coral reefs experienced the most severe bleaching ever recorded. The Belize Barrier Reef has also suffered bleaching due to higher temperatures. While some corals are more resistant to bleaching, and others can recover after a disturbance of this sort or even migrate, rising ocean temperatures will probably cause more bleaching events in the future.

Ocean acidification is another serious ocean-related issue, caused by some of the same emissions that cause climate change. As man-made C02 enters the atmosphere, more gas enters the ocean, which has become more acid. Cold-water corals, which are found at depths from 200-1000 meters, are particularly vulnerable to the effects of acidification. The corals appear to live for hundreds of years, forming large reef systems. Ocean acidification may affect cold-water corals earlier and more strongly than warm-water reefs, because at greater depth, seawater is less saturated with carbonate. Wherever they do occur, cold-water reefs are biodiversity hotspots that serve as refuges, nurseries and feeding grounds for hundreds of marine species.

These very slow growing corals are extremely vulnerable to man-made disturbances, such as bottom-trawl fishing, which has already severely damaged reefs in the northeastern Atlantic. Acidification will make them even more vulnerable. The hardier cold-water corals will be severely stressed by 2040 and two-thirds could be in a corrosive environment by the end of the century


Foreword – Prof Rohan Jayasekara _ Right Learning

“Pay attention, Parents and Educators, to the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)”, seems to be the clarion call from Dr. Lalith Mendis. He has distilled his thoughts, his rich and eventful encounters and the personal diverse experiences harvested through the years on this subject and has embellished the contents with knowledge gleaned from the multiple roles he plays in society, as a father and grandfather, a medical doctor and scientist and as a teacher and mentor.

ADHD is a developmental neuropsychiatric disorder in which there are significant problems with executive functions such as attentional control and inhibitory control that cause attention deficitshyperactivity or impulsiveness which is not appropriate for a person’s age. Despite being the most commonly studied and diagnosed psychiatric disorder in children and adolescents, it still lurks and stays under the radar disguised simply as a mischievous kid in many a class room.

This book fills a yawning hiatus in the field and has successfully infused a fresh whiff of knowledge and optimism to parents, care givers and doctors.  In the present time adults and children alike are bombarded by the pernicious spin offs of a digital revolution which virtually grab our undivided attention resulting in the detachment and fragmentation of factors like human and personal interaction and other social and spiritual elements which dictated our lives in the predigital era.

The book advises and guides one throughout the journey of understanding, detecting  and managing the disorder. It also attempts to tell you the “right way” to go and serves as a road map to the stakeholders in a simple and smooth flow of language as you arm yourself with facts and knowledge of what is normal and what is not. It is a readable, informative and down to earth book for those who are in the “front line”, such as parents and educators.


Prof. Rohan W. Jayasekara

MBBS, Ph.D [N’Cle.U.K.] C.Biol.,FSB [Lond] [Hon] FCSSL

Chair & Senior Professor of Anatomy

Founder Director – Human Genetics Unit

Medical Geneticist

Former Dean – Faculty of Medicine, Colombo


Warden STC – Foreword – Right Learning & Recovering Childhood

Foreword – Right Learning & Recovering Childhood


It is with gratitude and great pleasure that I pen this Foreword to be published in Dr Lalith Mendis’ latest contribution to the process of educating people on the subject ‘Right Learning & Recovering Childhood’.


This invaluable monograph deals with such sub topics as ‘Right and Left Brain Balance in Brain Wiring and Learning’, ‘Prevention and Reversal of ADHD, Inattention and Agitated Behaviour’, and ‘Prevention and Reversal of Addiction to Cartoons, Digital Games and Other Addictive Behaviours in Childhood.’ It will prove a very useful guide to both parents and teachers as together they seek to find ways to deal with what has become a problem of epidemic proportions.


Both parents and teachers are unable to adequately respond to the problems children are facing today due to ignorance on the one hand and the inability to accept reality on the other. Dr Lalith Mendis has devoted the past few years of his work and ministry to educating and empowering parents and teachers about the complexities involved and offers a positive way forward to help them deal with the issues.


Dr Mendis’ passion to help parents and teachers has extended to the whole new area of digital health, in an age when dependence on digital media has become obsessive among all age groups but particularly children from a very early age. The direct impact of digital media on the mental development of children has been well analysed in this book and it is therefore essential reading for parents who often give their children access to digital media in a bid to keep them occupied.


While thanking Dr Mendis for his passion and commitment I commend this book to parents and teachers with the hope that it will be of use to them in helping the children in their lives to flourish and bloom in life.


The Rev’d Marc Billimoria


  1. Thomas’ College

Mount Lavinia.