Mission – iGen Ygen Millenials – Growing their Default Mode Network of Thought

As I concluded my digital seminar in Singapore scores of parents surrounded me, with earnest questions about digitally addicted children who disrupt their studies and are uncontrollable. Mystery of Iniquity works to blind the Church. If the eye is made dark, how great that darkness would be. We are to be the Lord’s eye to discern & to scatter light & compassion. In many a critical issue at the critical time Church chose blindness. This must be what Martin Luther meant when he said, “Church’s battle that does not engage the place of attack is irrelevant”. Church must fight the battle where the forces of evil are most belligerent. And now it’s most belligerent against the child.


  1. This is a visual acoustic age created by the digital screen. Good Shepherd speaking to children & animating them through creativity & in the spirit is the way to overcome the repetitive addictive hyperkinesia of digital overdrive. Children must be encouraged to pray & parents pray with their children. Ps 8:2 is activated & praise form children silence the avenger in the family. Church must wake up & see that their children ministries are bastions of prayer & their children ministers fast & pray. A child brigade will arise who will defeat enemies at the gate. Ps 127:4,5.
  2. Pastorate is reluctant to address the parental non engagement of children, that makes them adopt a digital nanny allowing children to consume the LED screen for 7 hours or more
  3. Pastors in order to disciple parents on home truth, need a truth talking preaching style. But the Pulpit churns out the seeker sensitive, flesh pleasing, soothing, calming sermons – so that believers can be soothed to go back into the corporate and sweat it out for the high consumerist life – neglecting home discipling of their children
  4. Children church ministry may be overloaded with digital usage. I know of a large Play School in Sri Lanka that does not use the digital medium at all
  5. In the entertainment mode that Church takes to ministry digital abuse of children by parents does not seem an issue to be addressed.
  6. Church refuses to handle the hard business of discipling youth &children in a digitlaised highly kinaesthetic, acoustic & visual world.
  7. Children disrupt their God given “Default Mode Network” of thought when exposed to digital stimulation overmuch.
  8. DS before 3 yeas scrambles speech of a child.
  9. Children loose sleep, memory, attention span, connection, recall, collation with (digital stimulation) DS
  10. DS disrupts regulation of brain re dopamine & serotonin balance which promotes wrong eating habits, junk food addiction, childhood obesity
  11. DS will dull a child’s curricular capacity as it promotes circular & reflexive activity rather than linear, creative & reflective activity.
  12. When children cross 12 yrs and even before that the DS excites children & later youth towards sexual thrills. Church has been too mealy mouthed & entertaining rather than being the battle field on the front line on the right attack as Martin Luther envisaged. We are allowing children & youth to swamp in the digital morass excusing ourselves from moral responsibility under the guise of being understanding about modern technology. We are loosing an entire generation who doesn’t read scripture, doesn’t pray, are utterly distracted even during the sermon playing with smart phone. How on earth did Church become so irrelevant when such a battle rages? The solution is not to go more digital. It makes the core issue worse. You must understand every bit ore of LED screen plays havoc with their neuronal firing order & their disturbed Brian chemistry where their neurochemical transmitters have gone out of the optimal range. But then we have historically traced the Church’s criminal culpability and callous insensitivity at suffocating points when her battalions should have been on the front line with oxygen.

Empathic Learning Centres

We need to start Empathic Learning Centres as a part of our regular children church. A needy world once again say, “We need the church. Children of light do have wisdom we don’t have”. They will come to the Church and that will be a needed outreach arm to society. We can train your staff for ELC work. If you have a medical doctor in your assembly who will take up this work, that would be great.

What We Expect for Our Children

  1. It can’t be coincidence that the Book of Proverbs prophesies about an end time generation of children set up by the world – cursing father, belittling mother, haughty eyes set on the impossible, sharp teeth or speech, considering nothing too vile or unclean, never satisfied – Prov 30:11-18. Prov chap 31 gives a prophetic picture of the Bride of Christ. We are given the diagnosis because Christ has the remedy for our children. Just hat parents have to give time.
  2. The Lord will redeem this generation that the market targeted for destruction with digital abuse, confectionaries, junk food, immunity interfering vaccines, allergies, Ritalin, single parent tragedy, paedophilia, child abuse, pornography etc. where sin abounded grace will abound the more.
  3. Lord will perfect praise form their mouth to stop the enemy & avenger – Ps 8:2

Psa 8:2  Out of the mouth of babies and infants, you have established strength because of your foes, to still the enemy and the avenger.

  1. A Samuel generation will arise when Eli of Church goes blind. 1 Sam 3:1,2. They will see the vision of the Church & hear the voice of the Lord .

1Sa 2:18,26  Now Samuel was ministering before the LORD, as a boy wearing a linen ephod. Now the boy Samuel was growing in stature and in favor both with the LORD and with men.

You will recall that Israel’s political governance & spiritual health had run down in the time of the judges – 400 years of break more than build. Each man did as they pleased. Jud 21:25. In this political mayhem & spiritual darkness, God raised Samuel, a boy prophet who would hear & see with the Lord and bring forth God’s word & action.

  1. Digitalisation will be overcome by a child generation filled with the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit will manifest to the five senses to make His reality known. We live in a high visibility eye catching – even distracting techno age. However the Holy Spirit is equal to the task. This is a visual acoustic age created by the digital screen. Holy Spirit working on children giving them visions, dreams & talking to them audibly and kinesia created by the Holy Spirit – is the way to overcome the repetitive addictive hyperkinesia of digital overdrive.
  2. Hearts of fathers will be turned to children Mal 4:5. Parents need to give more time. Make home shepherding of child priority.
  3. Davidic Anointing

1Sa 16:18  Then one of the young men said, “Behold, I have seen a son of Jesse the Bethlehemite who is a skillful musician, a mighty man of valor, a warrior, one prudent in speech, and a handsome man; and the LORD is with him.” David & 7 Brain Tracts

  • Empathic – great inheritance, good at planning, Inwardly knowing God is Ps 46:10
  • Relational – friendship & team, valour = standing up for others
  • Linguistic – pleasing words, poetic, hymn writer
  • Logical – taking aim – planning to deploy everyone’s gift & call in war, nation building or team work
  • Kinaesthetic – agile soldier, dancer, quick with aim, wielding the sling needed perfect coordination – often ambidextrous
  • Musical – duel hand practice of harp developed brain brilliant besides making expert in music.
  • Beautiful – David’s Psalms are full of pictorial zest
  • Lord is with him
  1. Lord was with him.


Youth or Children Types

  1. Who follow church activity because parents set the pattern & they follow
  2. Digitally or otherwise kinaesthetically aroused youth who need physical activity based programmes
  3. Musically able children who look for music based programmes
  4. Internally processing youth who like brainy programmes – quiz kind, they will respond well to brainy gel
  5. Socially related high EQ youth who love the company & fun related activity – easiest to please
  6. Linguistically tracked youth for whom you have to provide speaking space where they own the programme
  7. Logical/mathematical kids who need apologetics based Q/A programme. They will dislike too much fun based stuff. Like no. 4 they will resist being socially probed & familiarised
  8. Hurt youth on the defensive – usually fault finding and having fractures with parents –
  9. Sexually active youth – before their time – precocious
  10. Youth who have cooled off in their faith
  11. Socially marginalised or ostracised youth, ADHD, Autism
  12. Predators, addicted youth

Church Must See, Church Must Hear & Act


  1. When Higher Critics were assailing the Authenticity of scriptures in the 1880’s Church went dumb.
  2. When Darwin’s Theory was soundly criticised by reputed Christian Scientists for its scientific incongruity, Liberal & Deist Theologians of the Church gave it breath.
  3. When Einstein’s Theory of Relativity made inroads into relativistic thinking (though Einstein dissociated himself from such applications of his theory) Church theorists got on the same band wagon.
  4. In Stalin’s Russia & Hitler’s Germany the Institutional Church backed the dictator.
  5. When Marxism was gaining popular support Church moved in with the Social Gospel & the Liberation Theology. How many times has the church crucified Christ?
  6. When Capitalism ruled the roost Church backed it up with Prosperity Gospel.
  7. When Consumerism swept the world, the Church backed it with name & claim doctrine.
  8. When divorce & abortion & sexual licentiousness spread in society Church followed the world.
  9. When the LGBT agenda is being legalised Church gives assent & broad mindedness
  10. When the Universalism is becoming global doctrine, Church gives the helping hand by denying eternal hell & preach Evangelical Universalism.

Destiny is a Designed Journey on a well annotated map, with scope for development of our full potential to our deep satisfaction – to be travelled with Chosen Company, to a Certain Destination. Delightful as the Journey is keep our eyes on the Final Destination

Today? It is going to be okay. Take back your motherhood. It is a gift. Listen to the life-giver, NOT the liar.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. {John 10:10}

We have a mandate, mission & inescapable commission – Let the children come to me. All that happens to children by parental neglect, digital surplus & market force of entertainment, drugs, allergies, junk food – alienate them from parents & distance them from God. There is a real need to educate the younger professionals & all work force – corporate & public, that children’s digital health is important – especially focussing on 0 – 12 years. Often the cause of speech defect is that mom gave no time for speech interaction. Child best picks up phonemes in the first 3 years from mom. In the first year he can pick up any language


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Profile Dr Lalith Mendis Dr Lalith Mendis topped his batch on his graduation from Colombo Medical Faculty in 1976. He won the coveted Final MBBS top student’s Herath Guneratne memorial Prize & gold medal, Prof Rajasuriya Clinical Medicine Prize, Pharmacology Medal, Pathology Medal. He passed the MRCP (Part 1) in 1978. He was Clinical Registrar, Dept of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine (1979 – 1980) & moved to Pharmacology. He won the Commonwealth Scholarship in 1979. His last academic post was as Lecturer in charge Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, Kelaniya (1993 – 1999). Dr Lalith Mendis is the Founder Director of the Empathic Learning Centre, He has researched the effect of digital overuse on children & youth and developed empathic therapies to reverse inattention, impulsivity & hyperactivity. Dr Mendis hosts the monthly Digital Forum at his centre and has delivered lectures & conducted seminars on this theme in leading schools & Corporates in Colombo. He has also lectured in Germany, Malaysia & UK. Author of five books on the topic, his books Right Learning & Recovering Childhood, Children Our Heritage & Let the Children Come to Me are in their second print. His books are available from all major bookstores in Colombo. His latest book “Parenting Heart & Brain - in an age of digital domination” has a preface from the former Dean of the Medical faculty of Colombo. “I have been seeing children affected by too much cartoon abuse. This is not about ADHD but normal children with agitation & hyperactivity & inattention in studies”.

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