Chapter 1 – Curriculum & Career based on Seven Brain Pillars or Tracts

Chapter 1 – Seven Brain Pillars or Tracts

  1. Intrapersonal – empathic intuitive
  2. Interpersonal – empathic relational
  3. Linguistic
  4. Logical/mathematical
  5. Kinaesthetic
  6. Acoustic
  7. Visual/Spatial

Left Brain learning was so named because most are left brain dominant & they use intrapersonal, interpersonal, linguistic, logical/mathematical pillars in the brain to interact. What was called Right brain is not physically right brain but those who were otherwise – using the pillars of kinaesthesia (movement & touch), music & visual/special to interact. What cartoons & digital overuse have done is shifting more children to be kinaesthetic, musical & visual – neglecting other 4 pillars in an abnormally brain wired situation. Drugs can’t reverse this wrong neuronal wiring as in ADHD but empathic learning can. Drugs can temporarily modulate the wrong chemistry in an unpredictable manner. Music & drama, arts & crafts, moulding, games & puzzles offer a bridge to rewire brain to shift back to I,I, L,L wiring of former 4 pillars.  Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Linguistic & Logical pillars wiring are found in the frontal lobe. Kinaesthetic pillar runs thru motor & sensory cortex; musical pillar & visual pillars use parietal cortex. Middle five also use the Temporal lobe. Symptoms of ADHD differ depending on which part of the brain was wired wrong most.

I-I-L-L (Left Brain) people were 70% & K-M-V (Right Brain) used to be 30%. With the digital revolution KMV expressionists – (kinaesthetic, musical, visual) have dramatically increased – so the explosion of cinema, media, dramatists, fashion, graphics, entertainment, advertisements, cartoons, sports, digital overplus, presenters – more show than do left brain system managements. Also resulting in poor interpersonal & intrapersonal management and reduction of linguistic ability & logical approach plus weak mathematics

Neuronal wiring of the seven interaction pillars run thru the different areas of brain – using diverse chemicals – dopamine, serotonin, noradrenaline, endorphins etc. Giving a drug will affect all receptors of that kind in every pillar – with no lasting improvement. Empathic Learning rewires the deficient pillars to rebalance the child’s neuronal behaviour making him proficient where he was weak.

Seven Brain Tracts, Curriculum & Career

Thought Tests & Scores are available to assess how children have wired through formative years. At 14 years children can choose career & curriculum according to the test scores which can indicate brain wiring predilections. One can predict if child fit law or visual field. When being recruited for jobs such testing will prevent people being recruited for jobs for which their brains are not wired. Each one has a certain way in which they were set up in the brain pillars when born which becomes their dominant  pattern. Digital surplus can override this & wire the latter 3 tracts too much in a way that other tracts are overshadowed. While one may be your dominant tract & two others follow, wiring all tracts to reasonable measure provides for a well balanced brain.

  1. Intrapersonal – when this wires well according to the internal thought patterns of the child, such a child is internally eloquent – thinks & speaks of herself well. Default Mode Network (DMN) is the basal thought pattern of a person at rest. This is restored during sleep & during passive pensive reflection. This is invaded by constant digital interaction which keeps a child jittery & unsure of oneself. Those children who are inward & not interpersonal will think within for answers. These people are strong on introspection & reflection. They like solicitude & to work alone. Researchers, Judges, Mathematicians, Therapists will have this tract dominant.
  2. Interpersonal – when this tract is well wired the person communicates his desire or thought well. He is able to make others “hear him”. Disabled in this tract because of digital surplus or other stress, risk, threat, trauma – the child feels fractured in his ability to be heard, understood. They go silent thinking – nobody wants me. Nobody understands me. Etc. Needless say, for a child to be connected parents must be available. If not they connect & make community elsewhere. When connected interpersonally, people communicate well. Yet you need to remember constant chatter of a child is not necessarily good connection or communication. People who feel disconnect can endlessly chatter hoping they will be understood by someone somewhere. Children who are low In this tract will avoid eye contact – you must not tell them, “Look at me & answer”. You must not interpret their looking away as disrespect. In class too, they will look afar but will be absorbing. Those who are high in interpersonal tract will relate their way thru with others to find answers. HR & PR people, managers, Politicians, Counsellors, Religious shepherds will be strong in this Brain pillar.
  3. Linguistic – linguistic ability develops well when a child is allowed to absorb phonemes in the first year & 2nd & 3rd More about this in the section on speech. Digital exposure retards absorption of speech. Linguistics may be technical, managerial, logical – as in law, medicine etc. a Verbal child is good at this. Linguistics may be poetic & flowery, drawing pictures using language – this was thought of as being right brain or creative. Some may be both – wordmasters. These read much, books are always around them, they play with words. Those who are dominant in this will become public speakers, politicians, Journalists, Presenters, novelists, poets, lawyers.
  4. Logical/mathematical – as is described in the Executive Empathic Planning Pathway (EMPP), child’s crawl or early steps are planned mathematically. Reflective processes wire up the child’s logical mathematical tract (LMT). Reflexive processes as watching digital screen or quickly reacting to demands of digital gaming wire up the child quick response Risk Survival Stress Pathway (RSSP). That is the intuitive, dreamy child. To be logical & mathematical children need quiet time. You reason out answers. You understand, resolve, negotiate & provide solutions. Such become engineers, mathematicians, teachers, doctors, scientists, researchers, accountants, Banker, Lawyers.
  5. Kinaesthetic – the ill effects of digital stimulation are most experienced on this tract explaining the classic triad labelled as ADHD – Impulsivity, hyperactivity, inattention. There were children who were always dramatic & spoke with all their face & hands & body – body language. These children will study well while moving – large plastic balls or rocking chairs. Naturally kinaesthetic tract is terribly exaggerated by digital overplus. They become accident prone. Empathic Learning Therapy (ELT) for such children is to give them avenues for kinaesthesia in creative ways rather than disruptive ways. These are good at sports, drama, acting, dance, mechanic, surgeon, choreographer, physical therapist.

Sit down & stop talking & listen to me – will be terrible advice to give to children whose dominant tracts are kinaesthetic & linguistic. They think best when they move. They obey best when they talk thru to you asking questions. These questions are not because they are rebellious but that’s the way they are wired to come to conclusions. “Look at me straight in the eye & answer – would also be terrible persecution for these children when their main tract is special –visual. They have to star gaze in order to absorb.

  1. Acoustic – musical tract is very useful as it connects both hemispheres & many tracts. This is why classical music helps in stroke recovery. I know of a young executive who suffered a left brain haemorrhage & recovered motor function of the right side of the body but had aphasia – no speech. His school friend came to visit him 10 weeks after the event & played “Amazing Grace” on the guitar. After a while the patient broke out into singing the full song for memory. A different tract from usual speech connected. He recovered speech with further speech therapy after this initial breakthrough & is employed again. Digital music obviously can overwire this tract inhibiting other learning skills. Some students feel they study better with ear plugs rolling music in – yet their recall is poor. Such are musical, tuneful, love to sing, intuitive, sensitive, you go a lot by feelings, “moody”, speculative, predictive. Their jobs will have to do with music, entertainment, sound, theatre, musician, dramatist, ,
  2. Visual/Spatial – this is not only visual colours but also sense of space & spatial movement. The latter is known as proprioception. Balance, proprioception & cerebellum are all interactive & swimming is an excellent activity for children with impulsivity, hyperactivity & inattention -usually labelled ADHD. Moulding with rough clay helps wire this tract which is also involved in handwriting. So clay moulding improves handwriting. All of 3D visual & touch sense wires up this tract well. Children getting addicted 2D digital screen is tragically ruinous since it obstructs 3D natural world interaction. These people think pictorial, love to sketch while taking notes, illustrate. It’s not only art Einstein thought through space & time. Such become artistes, interior décor, fashion, architect, graphic designer, photographer, videographer, presenter.

How you learn, absorb, express & solve problems depend on what brain process tract is dominant in you. Intrapersonal child (or adult) will think thru within. Interpersonal one will seek others’ company to interact in threshing some issue out. Linguistic people will discover solutions in talking thru or writing poems or prose. Logical one will raise endless questions – not out of rebellion but out of logic. Don’t say – shut up & do what I say. Kinaesthetic one will best study on a big ball & will need to move about to “air” his neurones & rhythm will streamline her thoughts. Musical dominant will listen or play music to absorb or unravel. Visual spatial one will draw art or stare into spaces imagining.

Right brain child goes from larger picture to details. She thinks larger picture first. So they are good at décor, fashion, stage set etc. Left brain child goes from details to larger picture. When developed equally a prodigy results. Digital abuse overwires the Right Brain facility & such children can’t do details. Forever they are imagining. Swimming & Music, handwriting help correcting Right & Left brain disparity.

Children grow daily. You cannot postpone their engagement to grand & unrealistic dream holidays. Daily Heart engagement, receiving & giving love develop the intrapersonal & interpersonal Brain Pillars (neural network). Heart brain has 40,000 neurones. Brain upstairs & brain downstairs (heart) must wire well with love given & love received. That’s how IQ & EQ interact. Hugs & touch help the child & protect them from toxic touch. If not scientists speak of cutaneous deprivation. Meaning no hugs.

Seven Brain Character Tracts are distributed from frontal lobe – intrapersonal to visual/spatial tract in the rear Occipital lobe. In between is logical/mathematical tract (LMT). This is not only about 9 times 9 being 81 but how very children calculate logical steps for thought, visual, touch, motor coordination. You have  a play pen. Child plans I will take 4 crawl steps to edge. Stand up holding pen fence & get up & then throw my toy for mom to pick up & then I throw again for mom to pick up. This is successful goal planning with joy for end goal. Give him an Ipad or tablet or smart phone, all this is obliterated. This also includes mom for one hour in child play & why not dad also?



School by the Sea – Pax Thomiana

School by the Sea – Pax Thomiana

Dr Lalith Mendis

STC Nursery of Statesmen, clergy, worthy citizenry

Sanctuary of decency decorum sense & sensibility

Teaching student polity to abdicate pride & prejudice

All races nurtured making Sri Lanka Land of Promise


School by the Sea founded in mid 19th century

To train men for blessed life in Anglican ministry

Founder, Bishop Chapman unparalleled visionary

With the heart & spirit of a pioneering missionary


In her heyday when Britannia ruled the ocean waves

In Imperialistic zeal she would wave the godly rules

Ministers of the SPG bringing the Light to Sri Lanka

Remodeled Eton & a Heritage of God in Mt Lavinia


Chapel of Transfiguration keeps a watchful keen eye

Over the Assembly in the Quadrangle morals held high

School Hall on the right & the Class block on her left

Old laboratory with the Rifle Green are yet well kept


Patriotic in the best sense, given to Lanka best of skill

Thru war & unrest the Pax Thomiana holds us tranquil

Across the nations of the globe holding one’s own will

We began together in one cradle – learning life’s drill


Merit to the fore, training in class & field so excellent

Four Prime Ministers groomed for many a predicament

Legendary Thomian grit snatching victory from defeat

Stick together as brothers born for adversity, no retreat


Ante apud ad adversus circum circa citra cis Latin says

Dead language killed ancient Thomians, now me it slays

Esto Perpetua – Be Thou Forever, Sovereign Almighty

Not to us but to Him Wise King Eternal let all glory be


Blue the black & blue to rally- young & old, near & far

With blue & gold cricket fixture, nationally none on par

Gathering President to opposition leader rifts healing

In these oppressing times bonhomie good will creating


Christianity the standard bearer others too given space

Three languages flourish punching racism in the face

Excellent command of the Queen’s English we cherish

While mother tongue with erudition teachers establish


Best of Shakespeare, Dickens, Daffodils by Wordsworth

Teachers who were institutions at STC gave it true worth

Chapman, Wood Stone not hay but Buck De Saram House

Wardens’ Name & Houses, sparkle & camaraderie arouse


Esto Perpetua though Governments may wax & wane

Young & old, staunch & true ideals of STC yet remain

Anvil that has worn many a hammer of changing tide

God first, Values of cherished heritage, strong in stride

Worthy Offspring of Hippocrates

Worthy Offspring of Hippocrates

Dr Lalith Mendis

Medical College of Colombo

Bastion of Truth & Light

Learning of figures & fact

Ethics & patients’ right

Four & half years a fraternity

Woven by bedside & theatre

Go shine your noble profession

Worthy offspring of Hippocrates


Introduced to hallowed portals

Thomians Royalists & others

District quota changed the system

Rural brothers join the anthem

Rag to riches begins a journey

Rag of seniors easily suffered

All in good fun Not in malice

Unlike the present torture abyss


Gentle giant kindly Prof Lester

Block juniors meet near cadaver

Daya Sam’s marvelous accent

Obscures vital anatomical tenets

Pandi’s fierce tutorials on bones

Muscles’ origin insertion zones

Anatomy the nemesis of many

Begins with head neck territory


Koch had retired Bull yet roaring

Body fluids begin Phys roaming

Bold headed lecturers attempt

Teaching the intelligent subject

Prof Carlo of fire walking fame

Phys as my pet subject I’d name

Biochemistry with Hoover drone

Many have to their Maker gone


Common room – one for men

Bridge Chess & Billiards den

Bloc Nite & Law Medical fest

Latent talents camaraderie’s best

Library haven for study romance

Many found love’s assurance

While I trudged to Hulftsdorp Hill

Batch mates found love’s thrill

(to be continued)