Eight Stages of Insanity – Dismantling Life


Stage 1- Dismantling Designed Political Structure  

Stage 2 – Dismantling the Structure of Divine Hierarchy

Stage 3 – Dismantling The Structure of the Atom

Stage 4Dismantling the Designed Structure of the Human Person

Stage 5 – Depersonalisation – Venerating Vileness _ IT Revolution – Profanity & publicity

Stage 6 – Overrunning Economic Structure of Nations. Global Empire. 1978 Slavery Back – Dismantling

Stage 7 – Dismantling Structure of Life’s Sanctity –

Stage 8 – Human Genome under threat. 2010


We read in the newspapers that 1000 abortions happen for a day. Medical profession has played a crucial & tragic role in the devaluation of human life and in the loss of sanctity of life.  Man can access knowledge with his brain & intellect but he needs heart & conscience to process & apply that knowledge well. The long assault & war against the Author of Life & the sanctity of life began long ago.

Stage 1- Dismantling Designed Political Structure  

1a- Industrial Revolution (breaking the structural integrity of home government. Economic governance was taken away from father to Pharaoh)

As the Industrial Revolution of the 18th , 19th Century progressed family based economy came under state control under the pretext of better development. This was the beginning of Governments living off the public’s income and ever escalating cost of Govt. Democratic legislators are increasing acting like kings aggrandizing themselves on people’s earnings. Family farms turned to industrialized corporates. Human resources came to be just another investment alongside land & capital. Value of human life was devalued. Women & s children who worked on their land became labour under inhuman conditions. Increasingly profits moved away from the primary producers and even food moved away from their mouth.

In Capitalist Economies people became pawns for profit. In Communist Economies labour became pawns for power struggles. Wealth or Power concentrated in the hands of a few

1b- Colonisation (breaking the structural integrity of nations as a family – a family of nations under God)

Newly industrialized nations had a war machinery by now. They needed to flex their war muscles further away in other nations because internecine battles in Europe were too costly. Thy also needed to preserve raw material at home and look for raw material in other expendable nations. They went to conquer the tribes.

1cSlave trading was one of the saddest travesties against human dignity & sanctity of life necessitated by the industrial revolution that needed cheap labour– especially for the cotton industry


Stage 2 – Dismantling the Structure of Divine Hierarchy

2a- Darwinian Sociology 1859 (God’s structure of anthropocentric govt in nature with man as superior being created in God’s image brutally violated). Survival of the Fittest was now scientific necessity. Inferior tribes & nations were out there to conquer & to plunder their resources. Darwinian Evolution provided social theory for this that such tribes are just a few evolutionary steps away from apes. In those nations too, kings used their populace as serfs. King held all land & wealth. In fact when colonial nations came they helped industrialization and redistribution of wealth, making it by far better for the peasants than when king was law in feudal oppression.

2b – Theologies, Deism& Nietzsche (1870)

There is no deity to whom we are accountable. He is either dead of far removed from human affairs. Influenced by Nietzsche (God is dead) Hitler put into practice evolution, social engineering, racial superiority because of  belief in evolving super race, eugenics, elimination of the unfit races

2c – Rise of Adolph Hitler & Nazi Social Nationalism

Darwinism underpinned the most basic features of Nazi theory and practice. While Darwinism is not the sole explanation for National Socialism, it is nonetheless an essential one. The Nazis strongly believed they were acting on behalf of evolutionary ‘science’, reason and progress. They saw themselves as progressive people, who in their impatience merely wished to hasten evolution’s laggard pace by giving a helping hand to its guiding principle, ‘survival of the fittest’. Note that the subtitle of Darwin’s The Origin of Species by means of natural selection was: The preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life. Evolutionary teachings were simply carried to their logical conclusion by the Nazis who tried to exterminate the ‘inferior’ races like the Jews, Gypsies, and Slavs, as well as the ‘unfit’ (e.g. the handicapped). This is confirmed by the evolutionist Sir Arthur Keith, who wrote:

‘The German Führer, as I have consistently maintained, is an evolutionist; he has consciously sought to make the practice of Germany conform to the theory of evolution.’4

The forces that produced Hitler were

  1. Darwinian struggle for existence applied to real politic
  2. Darwin validated search for favoured races.
  3. Erosion of accountability to a Moral God who is personal
  4. Protestant Colonialism had violated God’s Natural Laws among many nations
  5.  Chamberlain & other’s in the Cabinet of Great Britain we humanists who believed in man’s innate goodness and refused to resist the Evil of National Socialism in Germany.
  6. Legal Positivists of Germany gave Legal Theory for Hitler’s brutal ideas.
  7. Compromising Theologians wrote Theology for the Third Reich.

Stage 3 –Dismantling The Structure of the Atom

Nuclear Power – license to mass kill (1940)

Hitler was a product of Social Darwinism. John Dalton discovered the structure of the atom. Fermi developed the safe chain reaction to split the atom & release phenomenal power. Calculated risk taken to stop Hitler endangering all future generations. Einstein was persuaded to persuade the US President to assemble nuclear bomb. Though the initial impetus for the development of the bomb—a perceived arms race with Nazi Germany—had been shown unnecessary (when the German program was discovered to be stillborn by the Manhattan Project’s ALSOS investigation), Oppenheimer and his scientists pressed on. To some physicists, including Edward Teller and Leo Szilard, using the weapon on a civilian area would be a moral travesty. A petition was circulated at the labs in Los Alamos and Oak Ridge pleading that use of the bomb against civilians would be immoral and unnecessary. Oppenheimer opposed the petition and warned Szilard and Teller not to impede the project.

Upon witnessing the test explosion on July 15th 1945, its creators had mixed reactions. Isidor Rabi felt that the equilibrium in nature had been upset as if humankind had become a threat to the world it inhabited. Robert Oppenheimer, though ecstatic about the success of the project, quoted a remembered fragment from the Bhagavad-Gita. “I am become Death,” he said, “the destroyer of worlds.” Ken Bainbridge, the test director, told Oppenheimer, “Now we’re all sons of bitches.”

On August 6, 1945, the “Little Boyuranium bomb was dropped on the city of Hiroshima, Japan. Nazis surrendered on Aug 7th. Yet the Director, Robert oppenheimer, persuaded people behind the scenes to drop the Plutonium bomb because they wanted to have the satisfaction of observing its succes. Three days later, the “Fat Manplutonium bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. Hundreds of thousands of civilians were killed immediately by the two bombs, and many more would die as a result over time. Co-Pilot of the B29 that dropped the A bomb (little boy) said, “My God what have we done?” Naming of the bombs as Little Boy & Fat Man showed their pun on a grievous issue. The pride which Oppenheimer had felt after the successful “Trinity” test was soon replaced by guilt and horror, though he never said that he regretted making the weapon. The immediate moral fall out was as obvious as the radioactive fall out.

Great deal of secret maneuvering took place about splitting the atom though many scientists feared the consequences and Oppenheimer with his dark personality pushed it thru. Similar dark dealings are afoot to meddle with the genome, sponsor eugenics & legalise germline therapy. One fears for sense & sensibility about the meddling with the genome that may produce Frankenstein monsters.

Einstein’s equation of E=mc² was the basis of the mass to energy translation in the atomic bomb. Einstein who began humbly acknowledging, “God will not play dice with His Cosmos”, became increasingly skeptical, as he received much popular adulation. After 1922 he absorbed himself in researching for a “Unified Field Theory” because he saw the uniformity of natural law. Because he looked for a theory to eliminate God rather than acknowledge God was the theorizer, he drew a blank and other scientists overtook Einstein. Max Planck who was a founding Physicist for Quantum Theory was a firm believer in God. After he excluded God from his thoughts Einstein could not arrive at any significant scientific breakthrough.


Stage 4Dismantling the Designed Structure of the Human Person

1960 Philosophies – Freud, Satre Existentialism began to be played out in earnest.

4a depersonalization of modern man – (Sanctity of soul/person violated.)

Man has no purpose. He is only a product of his inner appetites. Motivation for suicide. Freud committed suicide struggling with cancer of the throat.

4bFreedom exalted & Form rejected. All existing foundations of sex & morality deposed. Harvard Don Timothy Leary offers freedom thru LSD. Modern Art & Modern Music throws out the particulars. Anarchy in all human fields. Art, Music, Cinema – looses form, depersonalization. Anything goes. “Modern Art”

4c –– 1960  (Sanctity of Family & Sex violated)

Institution of marriage & family devalued. Boundaries between sex blurred. Homosexualism & Lesbianism. Sanctity of sex violated

4dKilling of Fatherhood (Parenthood)

Fathers abandon home & marriage. Sons revolt. Fathers pursue their career & fame.

4e– Fathers vanish from Biz replaced by Pharaohs & young ruthless CEO.


Stage 5 – Digital Culture – Venerating Vileness _ IT Revolution – Profanity & publicity

5a  – Culture of Addiction  – human no more; chemical zombies & slaves to sensuality. Drugs, pornography, paedophilia, sex trade, sensuousness. Rejection of authority & form, rebellion. Freedom without any form

5b – Entertainment, Fashion Fantasia (Motherhood devalued) & Digital Culture

Advertising – tell it loud & clear. TV to desk top to laptop to palm top to mobile. Non stop entertainment

Worship of the body – aerobics, diet fads, slim line


Stage 6 – Overrunning Economic Structure of Nations. Global Empire. 1978 Slavery Back – Dismantling Personal Enterprise & setting up Unbridled Consumerism for elite majority

Persons & Nations Become Cogs in a Vast Economic Machinery

Profit over Person. Sovereign Nations taken over by Corporate Pharaoh

Keynesian Economics & consumerism of everything – sex, fetal tissue, genes, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals. Attempt to patent vitamin sources, seed patenting, artificial famine, grain for biofuel.


Stage 7 – Dismantling Structure of Life’s Sanctity –

7a – No more sanctity of life 1970 – Fetus was expendable. Interference with birth process. Power over birth processes had a disastrous effect on dehumanizing man. Abortion legalized in UK, USA & Europe. Many other nations followed. Fetal tissue & embryonic stem cells offered on the market

7b – Sanctity of Death violated – Euthanasia

Decision is taken by humans when someone should die. Killing of undesirables, Is Infanticide next?

7c – Living will & organ transplant, organs & tissue for sale. When someone has written a living will to donate organs after death and that person enters hospital with a serious illness there has been reported incidents of conflicts of interest whether the patient should be allowed to die in order to quickly harvest his organs.

7dKilling for Economic Reasons – killing of economically non viable masses. Mass annihilation for economic need. Was the AIDS virus created to wipe out malnourished Africans? Nuclear dumping. Economic necessities of war have decimated & degraded humanity.

7e – Killing unlimited – Terrorism


Stage 8 – Human Genome under threat. 2010

Cloning – first human cloning attempt by ACT Massachusetts failed thankfully. Now reproductive cloning is banned.  Cloned animals die prematurely with many disease conditions.

Eugenics – this refers to attempts at improving human personality by meddling with the genome.

Social Engineering – sterilization and other methods to eliminate genetic lines of undesirable people as done by Hitler

Germ line therapy – interference with DNA of Ovum or Zygote in people with inherited genetic diseases. Is hanging on the balance, Danger of Transgenes – Prion disease. Genes of one species spliced to a genome of another species (plants or animals) may cause abnormal protein formation.

Calculations based on the mutation rate of the Human Genome shows that the Human Genome cannot be more than 6000 years. Entropy of the Genome increases – with that mutation and cancer have increased. Interference to Genome will accelerate Gene errors that the Genome cannot repair by its reparative mechanisms.


Secular Inquisition – When Humanism Becomes Orthodox Religion

Melanie Phillips is an award-winning British journalist and author, who appears regularly on BBC television and radio discussion programmes. Despite her being an agnostic, she is known for energetically defending Judeo/Christian values and warning of the consequences of Britain’s and Europe’s descent into secularism and moral decline. Her latest book is a staggering exposé of the extent to which irrationality and aggressive, anti-Christian ideologies now dominate the corridors of power in the parliaments of Britain and the European Union.

Covering subjects as wide-ranging as global warming, the Iraq war, Israel, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, secularism, scientism and the creation/evolution debate, Phillips claims that much of the public discourse has departed sharply from reality. Anthropogenic global warming, she believes, is a myth; the Middle East situation consistently and deliberately misreported; reason and science worshipped; the evidence for creation ignored; and the perfectly rational belief in God deemed, by a self-appointed ruling intelligentsia, to be the height of ignorance and folly.

Scientific fantasy

Although not a scientist, Phillips makes a commendable effort to understand the arguments marshalled against a belief in God and creation, and exposes them as nothing more than scientific materialism. Unmasking the circular nature of the atheists’ claims, she deftly lays bare their folly: “The fact that science cannot answer questions of ultimate purpose proves to them that there is no such thing as ultimate purpose. The fact that science cannot prove the existence of God proves to them that God does not exist” (p. 78). In reality, as the Oxford University mathematician and philosopher of science Professor John Lennox points out, the assertion that science provides the only means of discovering truth is not itself deduced from science—it is a statement about science for which there is no evidence (p. 79). This blind acceptance of scientism, Phillips opines, has actually led to an astonishing degree of irrationality. Dawkins’ view that matter probably arose from nothing, she considers, is nothing more than a belief in magic, and his view that life on earth may have been seeded by aliens, she describes as a fetish. For many, she recognises, the passionately held ideology of materialism has a purpose—to ‘free’ mankind from superstition, and especially its expression in religious faith.

A major theme of the book, and of particular interest to many Christians, is the attitude of many politicians and academics towards the Middle East. Israel, she writes, is portrayed as a bully, hell-bent on oppressing the Palestinians, and is equated with Nazism and apartheid. The reality, she claims, is that Israel is the historic victim of the Arabs, and its behaviour, although not perfect, is generally reasonable, given that it is fighting for its existence. This, she believes, is tragic, as the State of Israel is the free world’s front line defence against the Islamist assault on Western civilisation (p. 408).

The abandonment of reason

Another major theme is Phillips’ belief that the rejection of our Judeo/Christian heritage has led to an abandonment of reason, the suppression of freedom and the imposition of a tyranny of the mind. The levers of political power, she argues, have been seized by a small minority who are determined to dismantle the building blocks of Western civilisation. In the name of progressive politics, freedom and tolerance, these self-appointed ‘custodians of reason’ are increasingly imposing irrationality, prejudice and intolerance. ‘Human rights’ legislation has institutionalised injustice. Courts allow criminals to roam the streets, while their victims are arrested when they attempt to defend themselves. Teachers dare not impose discipline lest they infringe the children’s ‘human rights’. Illegal immigrants are provided with generous welfare benefits, and terrorist suspects, who are understood to pose a mortal danger to ordinary people, cannot be deported if there is just a possibility that their human rights might not be protected.

Dawkins’ view that matter probably arose from nothing, she considers, is nothing more than a belief in magic, and his view that life on earth may have been seeded by aliens, she describes as a fetish.

In the UK, a Christian registrar who refused to carry out gay ‘weddings’ was forced to resign. Grandparents of two children who were given up for adoption to a gay male couple were told that if they didn’t drop their opposition they would never see their grandchildren again (p. 101). The British Association for Adoption and Fostering described people who oppose gay adoption as “retarded homophobes” (p. 102). An elderly evangelical preacher, Harry Hammond, was convicted of an offence because he carried a poster calling for an end to homosexuality, lesbianism and immorality. In fact, he had been the victim of a physical attack, but only he was prosecuted (p. 289). Self-designated ‘victim groups’ have turned right and wrong, victim and aggressor inside out. Their ‘right’ not to be insulted or discriminated against has become the basis for discrimination and injustice against the representatives of majority values.

The secular inquisition

Today’s governing assumption, Phillips argues, is that religion and reason are incompatible, and all faiths are no more than superstitious beliefs of a bygone age of myth and bigotry. However, rather than this leading to increased objectivity and freedom, it has resulted in a retreat from reason and suppression of free speech. Truth, logic and objectivity have been replaced by ideology, and any dissent from the ‘correct view’ is confronted with a ‘secular inquisition’. Everything is tolerated except that which is held to be normal by the majority. Whether the subject is the creation/evolution debate, anthropogenic global warming, homosexuality or Israel and the Palestinians, there is to be no dissent from positions that are “indisputably true and right”. Facts are ignored or denied on the grounds that those who argue from them are unenlightened, deranged or even evil. Power has now hijacked truth, she maintains, and made it subservient to its own ends. Politically correct dogma is sustained by the abuse of authority and intimidation of dissent. According to the ‘Father of the new left’, the Harvard University academic Herbert Marcuse, freedom of expression is not tolerance at all, but oppression, because it enables people to express the wrong sorts of views (pp. 273-274).

An attack on Western civilization

In the name of progressive politics, freedom and tolerance, … self-appointed ‘custodians of reason’ are increasingly imposing irrationality, prejudice and intolerance. ‘Human rights’ legislation has institutionalised injustice.

According to Phillips, what is happening in the UK and Europe is nothing less than a deliberate and carefully planned attack, by the intelligentsia and self-styled progressives, on Western civilization. New legislation supporting single-motherhood, trans-sexuality and gay rights are not primarily intended to remove prejudice, but are an attempt to use ‘modern’ ideas of sexuality as a battering ram to destroy the fundamental tenets of Western culture. Amongst others, she quotes the Gay Liberation Front who declared in their manifesto, “We must aim at the abolition of the family,” which was founded upon the “archaic and irrational teachings” of Christianity (p. 290). She also cites Dr. Brock Chisholm, the first director of the World Health Organization, who believed that the most persistent barrier to civilized life was the concept of “right and wrong.” Children, he argued, needed to be freed from cultural and religious prejudices forced on them by parents, and sex education should be introduced from the age of nine, eliminating “the ways of the elders—by force if necessary” (p. 291). Daniel Dennett1 is quoted as extolling Darwin’s “dangerous idea” as a “universal acid,” dissolving traditional ideas about religion and morality (p. 308), and Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg2 as arguing that “[t]he world needs to wake up to the long nightmare of religious belief … [A]nything we scientists can do to weaken the hold of religion should be done, and may in fact be our greatest contribution to civilization” (p. 318).

Secularism and gullibility

The loss of Christian belief in the Western world, Phillips claims, has also led to a widespread moral, emotional and intellectual chaos, resulting in great loneliness and gullibility (p. 6). Fantasies and cult followings dominate people’s lives with the near deification of society icons such as Princess Diana. Britain has been transformed, she writes, from a country of reason, intelligence, stoicism, self-restraint and responsibility into a land of credulousness, sentimentality, emotional excess, irresponsibility and self-obsession. Cherie Blair, the wife of former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair, is reported to believe in the transcendent properties of stones and to wear a crystal pendant around her neck to ward off harmful rays from computers and mobile phones (p. 1). Mrs Blair, a high profile barrister and judge, it is understood, regularly consults a healer who is able to read her DNA by consulting rocks and swinging a pendulum over her body. This healer, apparently, has been given hair and toenail clippings from both Mr and Mrs Blair to assist him in giving them advice (p. 2). In 1990 there were, reportedly, five thousand practicing pagans in Britain, whereas a decade later this had risen to a hundred thousand (p. 3). Hospitals now allow pagans to practise meditation, healing rituals and special prayer in hospitals, and pagan priests are allowed to use wine and wands during ceremonies in jails. Conspiracy theories abound, such as the belief that AIDS was created in a CIA laboratory, Princess Diana was murdered to prevent her marrying a Muslim and the 9/11 attack on New York was orchestrated by the Bush administration (p. 4). This new culture Phillips describes as empty, amoral, untruthful and manipulative. Eventually people see through the deceptions, but they can last long enough to create presidents and prime ministers.

Is Phillips exaggerating?

As a British citizen who has followed these aspects of UK and European politics carefully, I think not. Like many others, I have found the changes in the behaviour of state authorities deeply disturbing, and many of their policies appear to be based on such a denial of reason that it is sometimes hard to believe what one is reading. While never ceasing in their claims to support democracy, tolerance and free speech, they continually act in ways that fly in the face of public opinion, show great intolerance towards all who disagree with them, and pass laws which effectively criminalize the expression of ‘politically incorrect’ views. The recently proposed EU ‘Equal Treatment Directive’ is so draconian in its implications for free speech that the lawyer, Professor William Wagner, has described it as having the potential to bring about “cultural genocide” and to “extinguish Christianity from the face of Europe.” Of particular concern is the ‘Harassment Provision’, which enables people to sue others if they say things which offend them (such as Christian views on sexual behaviour). Wagner argues that the wording has been deliberately chosen so as to shift the burden of proof to the defendant, requiring him to show that his accuser was not really offended. Since this is really impossible, the only way to avoid prosecution will be to remain silent.3

What is really taking place is a deliberate, systematic dismantling of the foundations of the Western world, with the intention of replacing them with secular ideologies which are, at heart, anti-Christian.

What is really taking place is a deliberate, systematic dismantling of the foundations of the Western world, with the intention of replacing them with secular ideologies which are, at heart, anti-Christian. All restrictions on the individual’s ‘freedom’ to act as he or she wishes are to be removed. Men, women and children are to be ‘liberated’ from the restrictions of Christian morality, and laws prohibiting ‘harassment’ and ‘incitement to hatred’ will ensure that they may behave exactly as they wish without being subject to criticism. The preaching about sin and righteousness is effectively being outlawed.

A basis for hope?

In an interview shortly after the book’s publication, Phillips was asked, “What was the most consoling fact you learned during the course of writing The World Turned Upside Down?” She answered, “That so many, many people throughout the West think as I do.”4 Presumably, for her, the fact that many share her concerns provides hope that rationality and sense will eventually prevail. From a biblical perspective, however, the outlook for the Western world is bleak. With a society increasingly devoid of and even hostile to Christianity, there is little ground for optimism. In his letter to the Romans, the apostle Paul made it abundantly clear that a decent society, based on compassion and reason, cannot exist apart from God. He wrote, “The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness” (Rom 1:18). The order of the words is most significant: first godlessness and then wickedness. The truth about God and his claims upon us as our creator is rejected; wickedness and corruption follow as surely as night follows day; wickedness then reinforces the rejection of truth. Claiming to be wise, people become fools (v. 22) and finally God gives them over to depraved thinking, and every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity (v. 28, 29). Only the gospel of Christ crucified can rescue the Western world from plummeting into increasing corruption, violence and hatred. Only by turning to God can we avoid the breakdown of the Christian political and economic systems enjoyed for so long, and for which society owes so much.


Bring Back The Prince – Machiavelli

One has to face the fact of emerging pressure for global governance (GG) is real & is predicted in the Scriptures. All forces are being harnessed to this end

  1. Pharaoh (global fuehrer, Machiavellian Prince) & his elite will make serfs of the populace & for this they need Taskmasters. You remember Pharaoh appointed taskmasters from among Israelites. Similarly GG will recruit National Leaders – politicians & Biz magnates to carry out their program.
  2. Global Warming which is fact, is made to be linked to human activity. Carbon print & legislation to subjugate National Governments is the reason for the push on reversibility of global warming.
  3. Concentrate the world’s wealth in the hands of a few. Electronic currency will facilitate this. Subvert National Govt with Black economy where more money runs through, outside the system of legal state governance. This is happening already
  4. Massive drive to reduce population – LGBT, abortion, euthanasia & other methods of “Darwinian” social engineering.
  5. International Protest Movement against “Old Order” to bring in Global Government – Syndicate of Fake press, Elite, Entertainment moguls – who create aggressive intolerant. public opinion.
  6. Recruit Heads of State who are pro Global Govt. Destroy Heads of State who are Pro Nation
  7. Massive drive to break up family authority & that’s why the LGBT agenda. So that children are accessible to state control
  8. Violate National Boundaries with war & migrant crises. Create seamless territories – violate cultures to create trans global culture. Human rights issues – after creating minority battles in nations & funding them
  9. Increase contentious child rights for govt to take over children E.g. Canada – take over kids if parents oppose gender change operations. Push for no sex identity for child at birth.
  10. Push e-learning & monolithic digital culture to facilitate digital global governance of the muppet society created by the ash screen
  11. Global humanistic religion to facilitate One World Order
  12. Fiddle with Health & Agriculture until global laws are made to look inevitable & much needed.

Praying for PM with Understanding for all my UK Friends

Betrayal – unprincipled, anti-democratic, treacherous betrayal – is in the air in Brexit-embattled Britain. (Mellanie Phillips)

Ever since the British people voted in last year’s referendum to exit the EU, Remainers have gone all-out to try to reverse a vote that they have decided in their pompous and arrogant outrage simply cannot be allowed to stand.

They have consistently proclaimed economic apocalypse then, now and in the future, even though official forecasts of Brexit-induced doom and gloom have had to be declared the junk they always were.

They have consistently trashed the millions of people who voted for Brexit as too stupid to understand what it would entail.

Now they are trying to use Theresa May’s political weakness to reverse Brexit by manipulative abuse of the parliamentary process.

This coming week the government will publish its Repeal Bill, which will enable the transfer of thousands of EU laws and regulations into domestic UK law on the day Britain leaves the European Union.

Given the enormous number of EU measures which the UK wants to incorporate into its domestic law, the only way to do this is by use of executive government orders – known colloquially as “Henry VIII powers”.

In general, these orders are rightly viewed with suspicion as a means by which the government can bypass parliamentary scrutiny to get its way. In the unique circumstances of Britain extricating itself from the EU, however, they are the only way to do it since parliamentary scrutiny and votes on every measure would tie up the process for years and make it in practice inoperable.

Which is apparently precisely what the Remainers intend to bring about. According to the Sunday Times, anti-Brexit MPs and peers from all parties said they would try to derail the Repeal Bill by targeting these executive orders and insisting parliament votes on hundreds of these measures.

The Liberal Democrat Brexit spokesman Tom Brake said: “The bill will end up being legislative war. This bill will look like a Christmas tree because of the number of amendments that will be hung onto it.”

The Sunday Times reports: “May seemed impervious to claims that her hardline Brexit approach had cost the Tories seats in London or that she needed to leave open the option of remaining in the customs union and to withdraw her “red line” that the ECJ in Luxembourg should have no role in British public life. Both propositions have a growing following in the cabinet.”

Let’s parse that paragraph. It wasn’t Mrs May’s “hardline Brexit approach” that cost her seats in the election. Brexit hardly figured at all as an election issue. If Brexit influenced the vote in London, that was because London largely voted Remain –and some Remainers wanted to use the election to stop Brexit in its tracks.

In other words, it wasn’t “hard Brexit” they objected to. It was Brexit itself. “Hard Brexit” is a meaningless term deployed by Remainers trying to pretend there is some kind of “soft”, half-in, half-out position. There is not. There is either leaving the EU or remaining in the EU. That is the truth that the die-hard Remainers, including Remainer MPs, are trying to conceal. They have hijacked the language in order to mask their intended hijack of the democratic process for their anti-democratic ends.

Either remaining in the customs union or continuing to give the European Court of Justice authority over laws made by the UK parliament – as the Remainers are trying to bring about – would mean Britain would remain under the sway of the EU. It would therefore mean not leaving the EU at all.

If either or both propositions really do have “a growing following in the Cabinet”, then those Cabinet members are guilty of wanting to thwart the democratically-expressed wish of the people to leave the EU.

Not only is this incipient Remainer revolt anti-democratic – it is also treachery against the interests of the UK itself.

Many who voted Remain have accepted the Brexit result and now want the government to achieve the best deal for Britain in exiting the EU. Every statement by Remainer MPs intent on frustrating Brexit makes that best deal for Britain less likely. It undermines Britain’s bargaining position with the EU by giving the impression of disunity and weakness.

The Remainers are thus conniving at the EU’s bullying tactics. The European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier last week warned British ministers and businesses calling for “frictionless trade” with the EU after Britain leaves that that is “not possible”.

Well, it’s only “not possible” if the likes of M. Barnier are determined to ensure that there is friction. There is nothing inevitable about friction. The UK doesn’t want friction with the EU when it leaves. The EU is threatening friction because it thinks it can frighten and browbeat the British into submission. The Remainer MPs are aiding and abetting it in this diplomatic war of attrition. Their behaviour is disgraceful and deplorable.

The fact is, however, that nothing has changed. The EU stands to lose far more than the UK from any “friction” after Brexit. Britain has the strongest cards in its own hands. The greatest danger to Britain’s interests is if the UK government acts instead as if it is weak.

So can the Remainer-ultras pull off their coup? Well, if Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn wants to bring the government down more than he wants Britain to leave the EU (his consistent position over the years) and joins with the Tory and other Remainer MPs, it could happen. But all those MPs will be seen to be sticking their thumb straight into the eye of British democracy.

People voted for Brexit for one overwhelming reason. They wanted to get their democracy back by by restoring the UK’s sovereign power over its own laws and policies. By this attempted coup, the Remainer-ultras are showing their contempt for democracy.

Constituency by constituency, the British people must now make clear to these treacherous MPs that if they do so then they themselves will pay the ultimate democratic price at the next general election


When Academia Cook Climate Change

Google’s scheme of paying professors to influence public opinion is also how the “global warming” scam works.

“Google operates a little-known program to harness the brain power of university researchers to help sway opinion and public policy, cultivating financial relationships with professors at campuses from Harvard University to the University of California, Berkeley,” the WSJ reported.

In a similar fashion, politicians, foundations and corporate magnates also fund professors to perform “research” into “man-made climate change” which almost always reaches the existing consensus that it’s a threat only global government can handle.

The arguments claiming “the science is settled” and “97% of scientists believe in global warming” are appealing to authority fallacies that are easily debunked given the Google revelations.

And those were nearly the same arguments tobacco companies were making decades ago when they were funding scientists to downplay health risks associated with smoking.

“Research and other professional activities are professionally rewarded only if they are channeled in certain directions approved by a politicized academic establishment — funding, ease of getting your papers published, getting hired in prestigious positions, appointments to prestigious committees and boards, professional recognition, etc.,” revealed climatologist Dr. Judith Curry, who once held a tenured position at Georgia Tech before resigning in disgust.

Simply put, academia is not independent but is rather just one tentacle of a vast network of politicians and conformists in finance, media and entertainment who all work in unison to push agendas that originated from the private meetings of the world’s power players.

They’re motivated by the feelings of prestige that comes with joining the upper echelons of society that, unknown to them, only leads to decline of civilization thanks to the heavy burden this predatory class places on productive people who are the real sources of human innovation.

It’s an inherent maxim of social climbers to abandon independent thought out of fear of public disapproval, and that’s why the elites use them to push “global warming” and other propaganda meant to empower the state despite leading to an empty shell of civilization.

Watch Your Teens Noose Led into Sex Revolution???

  • Leftists grooming and sexualising kids, using sex toys! Underlying this is Fromand Marcuse’s education in Polymorphous Perversity.
  • This is the very thing “Comprehensive Sex Education” and “Safe Schools” encourages as it appeals to the lowest common denominator to raise a generation of miserably dissatisfied, messed up and perverted kids seeking instant self gratification.
  • On the flip side of this is the denial to children of their right to self-discovery that happens naturally. Like revealing the plot to a book before even opening the cover, this completely in-your-face, tell-them-everything Leftist dogma takes away all the mystery, fun and “magic” of discovering ones own sexuality and courting intimate human relationships. Instead, they turn it into something that no longer leaves anything to anyone’s imagination.
  • By depriving kids of the wonderment of discovery of self and their intimate partner (e.g. blushing as s/he notices you for the first time; feeling aroused by an unexpected touch; the awkwardness of an unfamiliar kiss; the embarrassment of a missed step or misread queue and so much more) these perverts now just “cut to the chase”.
  • Our kids are being taught that there is nothing more to learn and nothing to fear about inappropriate touch as all touching becomes synonymous with pleasure and all relationships become equally morally sound.
  • The next step is to have sex toys in school libraries & mainstream supermarkets and eventually render it unlawful for humans to raise their own children as they will become the property of the State – to be used for organ harvesting, slavery or any other nefarious objective these organizers can conjure up.
  • This anti-morality crusade by the Left and the careless parents that blindly follow suit are setting up their kids never to have kids of their own; after all, they don’t need the opposite gender and lifelong, monogamous relationships are something to be mocked and scorned and trivialised.
  • There is no longer the means for kids to learn how to form successful and satisfying lifelong, monogamous, heterosexual relationships in which to raise healthy and well adjusted children because the aspiration taught now is to get your rocks off, live out any fantasy you want and do whatever pleases.
  • There is no self-sacrifice for one’s own family. You can walk out of a relationship any time you want; you have no obligation to anyone! Have an affair, divorce your wife/husband when you tire of him/her, abandon the family unit – nothing is of any great consequence or importance. The nuclear family is disposable.
  • It’s not a “brave” new world, but a perverted one the Left has designed for us all to live in and we (as adults) are the culpable who passively accept the garbage we have been indoctrinated to embrace.
  • As Yuri Bezmenov said: by the time we realise what has been created, it’s too late and the programming is complete and irreversible!


Blue Whale Challenge Commits Suicide – Inform your teenagers

A grieving Texas family claims a social media challenge that was believed to be a hoax drove their 15-year-old son to commit suicide on Saturday. Isaiah Gonzalez, of San Antonio, was allegedly participating in the “Blue Whale Challenge,” which is believed to have originated in Russia.

According to the teen’s mother, Angela Gonzalez, the rising sophomore at Southside High School had joined a social media group and was assigned daily tasks for a 50-day period, WOAI reported.

“It talks about satanic stuff and stuff like that and my son was never into that,” Jorge Gonzalez, the teen’s father, told the news station, of the challenge.

“You have to carve a number into your arm, you have to cut yourself,” Alexis Gonzalez, the teen’s older sister, told WOAI, adding that failure to complete the alleged tasks reportedly results in threatening messages.

Jorge told KSAT that they found Gonzalez hanging in a bedroom closet with a cellphone propped up nearby. The family believes their son had livestreamed his suicide as part of the challenge. They said he had sent photos of himself completing challenges to friends prior to his death, but that they had been brushed off as a joke.

While San Antonio police told KSAT they had never heard of the “Blue Whale Challenge” before Gonzalez’s death, Jorge is urging parents to talk to their teens about the danger of social media challenges.

“I want them to go through their phones, look at their social media,” he told KSAT. “If they’re on that challenge already, they can catch that from happening.