Transgenes & PRION Diseases


“History has many records of crimes against humanity, which were also justified by dominant commercial interests and governments of the day”. Professor Wangari Mathai

Handling knowledge without reverence has landed man in a mess – proving the caution, “that reverence for God should be the beginning of knowledge”, Prov 1:7. After all God is the author of all knowledge. Scoffers said, the universe and resources will continue as it was, from the time zero. 2 Per 3:3,4. This attitude has created havoc. Transgenes are genes that are taken from one living cell and transferred to another living cell. For instance a bacterial gene introduced into corn genome made corn resistant to insects.

Oil Spill had reasons in the minds of men. Scientists discovered deep oil a few years back. There are yet large resources of Petroleum at usual levels. USA hardly touches its reserves. It was greed of man that converted grain to bio fuel to preserve what was assumed as “Fossil fuel”. The assumption was that coal & oil came from carbonaceous material long buried thru eons of time. From where did time for such long time assumptions come? From the pockets of evolutionary scientists. Similar greed made them drill deep oil with gay abandon. Why would BP officials do so without verifying from other scientists or from US Government? They wanted to get to Deep oil before anyone else did. Just the way, people thought they were getting away with whatever they did morally or for ecological devastation, they thought deep oil was available for the kill.


Evolutionary presuppositions necessitated a universe that created itself in order to exclude God. Charles Lyell the lawyer wrote his treatise on Geology for the avowed purpose “to free the science from Moses”. That is what Lyell wrote on 14th June 1830 in a letter to George Poulett Scrope. Charles Darwin was gifted a copy of the book while on his journey to Galapagos Island by the Captain of the now famous HMS Beagle. Lyell’s view on Geology, (since discarded) impressed Darwin who had personal reasons to be disappointed with God who could not be love in a world with pain. Darwin lost three children to sickness. If God is to be done away with, scientific man needed a god. Eons of Time, Chance & Natural selection became that triune god. Later a fourth member was added – mutation. When they tried to add Einstein’s Theory of relativity as the fifth member of the pantheon, Einstein protested and said, “I do not think God plays dice with His universe”. Yet Einstein became increasingly disappointed with a benevolent God after the Jewish Holocaust. Brilliant and not so brilliant men quickly blame God for the disasters they create.

Given enough time fossil fuel created itself. Give enough time, they will renew themselves. They applied the same theory to Deep oil. So drill it fast, first before anyone else. Assumption was earth being 4 billion years old, there were enough trees which got buried gradually and produced even the Deep oil. There was enough Time to do this. In this paradigm, time is God. So let’s drill Deep oil.

No one considered the possibility that a Wise Designer designed large oceans of Deep oil and placed them where the upper crust of earth and lower crust have differential rotational velocity. This would absorb the difference while earth furiously rotates. While the surface oceans (with water) absorbed the surface shock of rotation, the Deep oil did the same for differential velocity that arises in a large spherical object, the internal structure of which is not homogenous. What will happen now that one such enormous lacuna of deep oil is being drained by BP madness into the Gulf of Mexico at an unknown rate and looks unstoppable? “God only knows”, would be a scientific reply. We do not know.

When BP decided to drill 30,000 feet deep, that was the maximum depth human technology could drill. Prudence tells a layman “do not drill to maximum”. They first lied that the leak was 5000 barrels a day. US scientists estimate the amount that surfaces is over 60,000 barrels a day. That is being burnt to stop the spread. US Government which is so gung ho about every body else’s human rights record and transparency, is very secretive about this disaster. Many accuse it is because BP funded Obama campaign. It is feared that BP will get away with minimum compensation. Since the best of human technology failed all media is in a conspiracy of silence. The disaster looks apocalyptic. Apocalyptic? End of man? “No way”, says arrogance. “We are just beginning the party”.  Many do not realize the party on HMS Mother Earth is over. Man looks vulnerable and may have come to the end of his ingenuity. After all God may be needed. Earth may not be eternal as assumed. So keep quiet.

While drillable oil was the property of the nation under whose surface it s found, the earth crust & core are nobody’s territory. It belongs to all like the atmosphere. So USA & BP and the corporate philosophy of greed have damaged our earth irreparably. It is time to take stock of what arrogant science & greedy consumerism have done to us. If we agreed that earth was young, probably created and has non renewable resources with ecosystems just enough to balance our need for a limited assigned period, we would not have behaved like this. Moral non accountability results in consumerist rampage.

“Starlight, Time & The New Physics” by Dr John Hartnett, documents the Carmeli-Harnett model for space cosmology, which better explains cosmic motion & space than Einstein’s theory of relativity. This explains how starlight seems to come from 14 billion years away in a universe which is only 6000 years old. Since Dr Hartnett is a scientist awarded for the world’s most accurate atomic clock, and Professor of University of Western Australia, you must read his book before you dismiss his arguments. Humility cures many illnesses.


A greater disaster is in the making with genetic engineering doing to the human genome & other genomes what BP did to Deep Oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Mapping of the Human Genome & the possibility of gene therapy for incurable genetic diseases had the same effect that space travel had on the minds of men. “We can do better than God”. This need not have been. The director of the US Human Genome Project, Dr Francis Collins applied himself to the work as one convinced about God’s design in human life & Genome. He cautioned all to treat the complexity of the Human Genome with utmost reverence. He describes his Pilgrimage in the marvelous book, “Human Genome – The Language of God”. Unfortunately, many in Sri Lanka, not as half qualified as Collins, treat God as proven myth having fed themselves on the popular science fodder dished out by Richard Dawkins.

A bacterial gene introduced into corn genome made it resistant to insects. Over 20 decades, cow fodder had mainly GM Corn & wheat. When mad cow disease broke out & humans were infected, they found a hitherto unknown protein particle was the infecting agent. This was named “Prion”. Prions had qualities different to bacteria or virus. Prion also had similarity to transgene introduced to corn. This discovery has questioned the long term effects of genes out of their natural habitat. Prions are infectious proteins, possibly the cause of diseases like Mad Cow Disease and Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. These rogue proteins cause certain other proteins to take on their shape, and so they replicate in a cell, causing damage. This means that a new protein manufactured in a host cell could act as a prion as it interacts with proteins not present in the donor organism, replicating itself and causing havoc.

Furthermore the simplistic view scientists had that one gene of the human genome controls one enzyme is found to be wrong. Evolutionists balked that “junk genes” were proof of evolutionary descent. Now they know that every part of a chromosome has function. Exons & Introns of the chromosome contribute vitally to protein synthesis. Genetically modified pigs have a high incidence of gastric ulcers, arthritis, enlarged heart, dermatitis and renal disease.

Because of evolutionary assumptions scientists jumped to vigorous modification of plant genes. We are yet to unravel the medical disasters these were caused. Mercifully before engineering of Human Genome & Human cloning would make a monster mess, an unlikely champion stepped into quell the madness. It is none other than the much lampooned George Bush who proscribed terrorist support in USA who also imposed a presidential ban on human cloning and haphazard manipulation of the Human Genome. Britain followed suit with ban on Human cloning as did many western nations.  George Bush’s spiritual convictions went a long way to ban human cloning and to stop federal funding of abortion. Obama’s first fiscal decision was to authorize federal funding for abortion. Another early decision was to legalise third trimester abortion. And another early Obama signature was for equal benefits for gay marriages. God help America.


GM Seeds are being patented and as a result the prices of seeds are getting beyond the farmers. Furthermore seed patenting has resulted in lower genetic diversity. The same strains of wheat or corn or rice get globalised making them susceptible to destruction by disease. According to some agreements fruits from patented seeds alone can be exported. Farmers have to pay high prices for patented seeds. E.g. red lady papaya in Sri Lanka

The manipulated seeds and genetically modified seeds need expensive petroleum based fertilizers further reducing the farmers’ profit. The global pundits keep preaching about high yielding seeds with more fertilizer, to keep more fallow ground and forests untouched. Untouched for whom? These bare lands of poorer nations must remain uncultivated so that the consumerist madness of the affluent countries with its accompanying global warming may be checked. The message is – We will continue to make merry but preserve the forests in your nation to purify the atmosphere we pollute by our indulgence. The world’s largest turnover industries are armaments, motor industry, cosmetics, confectionaries, toys, fashion. How little of this we need? Seeds are being patented and need to be bought at exorbitant prices

Wheat strains were reduced to four from over 70 natural strains. When plagues spread now, it affects one fourth of all wheat. Whereas a wise Designer had set in nature 70 varieties so that even disease would spread only across one strain. In Thailand scientists discovered that inadvertently they have thru genetic modulation knocked out rice strains that produce well in high plateaus. They are looking for naturally high growing paddy strains, to get the genes back.

Another danger relates to the insertion of a foreign sequence into a part of the DNA such that it disrupts existing control mechanisms for protein manufacture. These effects may be subtle—a little more or less of a given enzyme, for example. But this could result in accumulation of a substrate in a given chemical pathway such that it is mildly toxic, etc., whereas before GM it was below the threshold for toxicity. Small changes can disrupt biochemical pathways and cause disease (many diseases have probably arisen through such losses of genetic information.

According to the FDA and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), there are over 40 plant varieties that have completed all of the federal requirements for commercialization.

Future planned applications of GMOs are diverse and may include drugs in foods, for example, bananas that produce human vaccines against infectious diseases such as Hepatitis B, metabolically engineered fish that mature more quickly, fruit and nut trees that yield years earlier, and plants that produce new plastics with unique properties.

“History has many records of crimes against humanity, which were also justified by dominant commercial interests and governments of the day. Despite protests from citizens, social justice for the common good was eroded in favour of private profits. Today, patenting of life forms and the genetic engineering which it stimulates, is being justified on the grounds that it will benefit society, especially the poor, by providing better and more food and medicine. But in fact, by monopolising the ‘raw’ biological materials, the development of other options is deliberately blocked. Farmers therefore, become totally dependent on the corporations for seeds.” – Professor Wangari Mathai.


Genetically modified seed need agrochemicals (AC – herbicides, pesticides, fertilizer) for survival. For seed and for agrochemicals nationals pay thru their nose to multinationals. Just like in the Pharmaceutical industry where doctors are offered perks for unnecessary or irrational prescribing, agricultural officers are bribed to promote the use of AC. The result in Sri Lanka is that inland fisheries, aqueous yam and rice in two major provinces have toxic levels of phosphates from inferior quality fertilizer dumped on us. Many have developed kidney disease. All in the name of development. Catch word was more yield from one hectare. At what cost? The poorer nations will practice green eco theories while the rich nation will manufacture & consume huffing & puffing, CO2, fluoro hydro carbons. Hence the Copenhagen Accord that poorer nations will preserve their ecosystems that the industrialized nations continue their rampage.

May sanity return to human race, since we have created the oil mess and many other sad fractures.


Oil Spill & Human Genome – Reverence, Knowledge & Consumption

Saturday 10th7.15 pm 374, Serpentine Road, Colombo 8. Talk by Dr Lalith Mendis

Refreshments served at all meetings



KIDS @ DEN & DARE – Motor Therapy Heals Inattention, Impulsivity

Kids Party @ DEN & DARE is encouraged so that kids get used to ropes & coordination early – this will prevent or reverse digital addictions.

The Empathic Motor Centre (EMC) at DARE 374 Serpentine Road Borella is based on the Harvard FIT Study. This proved my thesis over 4 years that increased proprioception of small muscles, fingers, eye, hand, foot coordination will reverse ill effects of digital coercion on brain tracts. This study also proves that ADHD is overdiagnosed & many kids on digital arousal are prescribed a plethora of psychiatric drugs beginning with methyl phenidate which incarcerate the kid in a chemical prison. One of those tragic unethical collusions in the medical industry.


EMC has 20 elements from low ropes to high ropes, bouldering wall & many others – professionally installed & a coach in attendance. It’s open every day 10 am to 8 pm – other than Sunday. We are encouraging Dad & Son or Mom & Gal to use the EMC for bonding & for correction of digital addiction. First visit & one hour is free. Kids all ages welcome. The premises & 4th floor is also available for Kids Party with a difference. DEN & DARE will serve soup or juice – being 4th floor rooftop, it’s quite scenic. We have encouraged Heads of Schools to send student groups to this “Naturopathy” with Motor Skills to override digital addiction & thrill seeking unsafe behaviour including drug experiments.

On Friday 6 pm Empathic Learning Centre continues where you can bring your kid free of charge for Empathic learning therapy. Phone 0771512801 for appointment re digital addiction, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome of the Young, PTSD. (No charges).

Drugs & Digitals – Digital Heroin.



Here’s the pitch today at Alma Mater – too much kinaesthesia stimulation (cartoons, digital games, add on time on LED screen) will suppress learner management tracts (LMT) & overwire Disco brain tracts. You will only get support jobs to advertise, announce & display other people’s success via the screen. If you do LMT well, you will work for your own success.

Learning process for 40 min is supported by Dopamine U curve – moving on to Serotonin U curve for 20 min giving you happy assess. You become open to audit by others also. Too much time on LED screen will destabilise Dopamine U curve with no end to the thrill seeking. From Learner Management cycle (LMC) you have shifted to survival risk cycle (SRC). You are already recruiting neurochemicals kept for emergencies. Whatever you do is right – is your attitude. This makes you vulnerable to external drug stimulus.

Brain works on different tracts that are mediated by different neurochemicals or different receptors. Different concentration of neurochemical acts on a different receptor. Dopamine on D1 or D2. Right concentration of dopamine will act on  D1 for normal effect (Homeostasis). D2 stimulation will bring addictive behaviour.

  1. Executive Empathic action neurochemicals
  2. Reward Tracts.
  3. Stress & risk tracts (reactive reflexive)
  4. Pain – unpleasant tracts (which double up as anti-reward systems)

With too much LED screen kid moves from Executive Empathic to repetitive reactive. Kid is on to vulnerability to addictive behaviour – drugs, porno, gambling, thrill, risk etc.




How to Ruin the World with Fake Science & Corporate Greed – GM Crops from the Frying Pan to the Fire


Advocates of genetically engineered (GE) crops have long claimed that genetic engineering is necessary to raise crop yields and reduce human exposure to agrochemicals. Genetic engineering promised two major improvements: improving yields affordably to feed the world, and making crops resistant to pests to reduce the use of commercial chemical herbicides and insecticides.


Genetic modification of crops through natural evolution or artificial crossbreeding has been happening for millennia, giving rise to more productive or resilient crop species. Thus, the term ‘genetic engineering’ more accurately refers to the artificial introduction of genetic material to produce new GE varieties.


Trans-Atlantic divide


A report by the United States National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine – picked up by the New York Times – found that US GE crop yield gains have slowed over the years, leaving no significant advantage in yield gains compared to non-GE plant varieties. Over two decades ago, Western Europe largely rejected GE crops while North America – the United States and then Canada – embraced them. More than twenty years later, US crop yield gains are not significantly higher than in Western Europe.


Since the adoption of GE crops, US use of herbicides has increased. In the US, decreasing use of some herbicides has involved large increases in the use of glyphosate, a key ingredient in herbicides used for GE crop cultivation. This is in contrast to France, which bans GE crop cultivation, where overall use of herbicides has been reduced due to EU efforts.


Glyphosate-resistant GE crops survive herbicide spraying while killing non-resistant weeds. However, rising weed resistance to glyphosate has led to the application of larger doses. For example, although land planted with GE soybeans has grown by less than a third over the last two decades, herbicide use has doubled. Herbicide use for maize production was declining before the introduction of GE crops, but has increased since 2002.


Glyphosate was assessed as carcinogenic by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) under the World Health Organization. Some glyphosate-based herbicides also contain other more toxic herbicides – such as 2,4-D, a key ingredient in Agent Orange, the infamous Vietnam War defoliant – to increase their efficacy against resistant weeds.


Diversity declining


GE crops, typically with traits which tend to result in monoculture, have been promoted as more productive than non-GE crops. As farmers adopt GE crop varieties, others varieties are abandoned, and access to such seeds are increasingly in the hands of giant transnational seed companies rather than government facilities.


But when farmers lose confidence in GE crops or wish to turn to non-GE varieties for other reasons, they are no longer able to simply revert to their old non-GE varieties or to crossbreed them. Instead, they now need to buy seeds from these very same monopolistic transnational seed companies.


Similarly, the impact on ecological diversity, important for maintaining fragile ecosystems, cannot be underestimated. Biodiversity reduction fundamentally transforms ecosystems. Rich, diverse traditional farmer knowledge – of the use of plants and other natural resources to maintain soil and plant health, and to conserve water and other natural resources – is also being ignored in favour of ‘hi-tech’, genetically-engineered, agro-chemical and other ‘industrial’ solutions, which invariably engender new problems. For example, pesticides are intended to be toxic only to pests, but not to others, but most are carcinogenic or otherwise dangerous to human health.


While GE crops offer some benefits, unclear productivity advantages and rising pest resistance are reducing the edge it once claimed over conventionally developed crops. GE crops seem to be harmless, but there is still much uncertainty over their longer-term effects, including increased pesticide resistance and reduced diversity. The scientific ethic advising precaution in the face of uncertainty seems to have been abandoned in favour of profitable expediency, ostensibly to increase productivity and reduce agro-chemical reliance, neither of which have been achieved.


Corporate power growing


As many of the same corporations or conglomerates sell both GE seeds as well as the agro-chemicals needed to increase yields, the potential for other types of innovation is inevitably diminished. Recent mergers and acquisitions have further consolidated oligopolies selling both seeds and agrochemicals, exemplified by the acquisition bid for Monsanto by Bayer. Not surprisingly then, companies have less incentive to develop new traits, or to invest heavily in tackling other problems when greater pest resistance increases sales of their pesticides and overall profits.


All this is often justified in terms of the urgent need to feed the hundreds of millions of hungry people in the world. However, although there already is enough food being produced to feed everyone in the world, the real problem is one of access, as most of the hungry do not have the means to buy or produce the food they need.


Therefore, while US agribusiness has long claimed that GMOs will “save the world”, there has been little compelling evidence to this effect after two decades. Proponents select evidence to support their exaggerated claims that GE varieties meet many needs in different parts of the world, although their actual track records are much more modest and chequered.


Much of the resistance against GE crops is due to the interests and methods of the agribusiness transnationals dominating food production, both directly and indirectly through their control and promotion of seeds, agrochemicals, etc