Methyl Phenidate in ADHD

Pharmacological therapy

Millions of children are growing up with drug-intoxicated brains. They are given no hope that they can learn to control their own behavior and grow up to be effective adults—goals they will never achieve with medication-drenched brains. Many drug-treated children will suffer from irreversible brain changes that hamper their mental life. In the case of stimulants, many will have their growth stunted and become prone to cocaine addiction in young adulthood. As a result of antipsychotics such as olanzapine, risperidone and aripiprazole many will suffer from development delays and from tardive dyskinesia with its irreversible abnormal movements that impair and stigmatize.

Dr. Angell cites the case of Dr. Joseph L. Biederman, professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and chief of paediatric psychopharmacology at Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital. She explains: “Thanks largely to him, children as young as two years old are now being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and treated with a cocktail of powerful drugs, many of which were not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for that purpose, and none of which were approved for children below ten years of age.” (16)

Biederman’s own studies of the drugs he advocates to treat childhood bipolar disorder were, as The New York Times summarized the opinions of its expert sources, “so small and loosely designed that they were largely inconclusive.” (16)

20% of children with inattention and moderate hyperactivity will respond to a morning dose of methylphenidate during school hours. A higher dose frequency will down regulate the receptors leading to an increased dose of methylphenidate resulting in undesirable side effects. A drug holiday is recommended.  Prescribe the minimum dose required while avoiding daily dosage and withhold drug during weekends. The benefit of methylphenidate is optimum at this prescribed amount as its mode of action is via stimulation of postsynaptic α2a in the over aroused reticular formation. Minimal dose of methylphenidate acts on α2a but with increasing dose, the receptor specificity is lost while side effects increase.


Digital surplus/overstimulation should be considered  in the presentation of children with impulsivity, inattention and hyperactivity, simulating ADHD. There are many correlations for ADHD. Methyl phenidate has a limited place in treatment and judicious prescription is warranted. Empathic Learning Therapy should be used in the first line of treatment.


Unlikely Celebrants – Lowly Shepherds

The shepherds on the hillsides surrounding Bethlehem had a very special flock to care for. According to Jewish history and tradition, these were flocks that were destined to provide the lambs that would be used for sacrifice in the Temple at Jerusalem.

Shepherds were despised; they were considered unclean; they were forever being accused of robbing each other’s sheep; they were, therefore, not allowed to enter various homes and engage in some of the cultic practices of worship in Jerusalem because they were thought to be unclean–and it’s a portrait, it’s a cameo picture that the first announcement of the birth of Jesus comes to those who were regarded in the first century as the despised, as sinners. And it’s to sinners first of all that the message of the gospel comes, that Mary herself had sung in The Magnificat when the announcement of her own pregnancy had been given by Gabriel: “He has put down the mighty from their thrones, and exalted the lowly.” Those who have nothing to bring and nothing to offer, with empty hands who come to God as Paul himself would exclaim, “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief.”

First, since caring for sheep was literally a 24-7 kind of job, they couldn’t observe all the meticulous hand-washing rules and regulations required by the Jewish religion. To make matters worse, their flocks kept them away from the temple for weeks at a time which made it next to impossible for them to be made clean in the eyes of Jewish law. Now—you would think that this demanding of a job would pay well but it didn’t. In fact, no job paid less than that of a shepherd which put these men at the bottom of the ladder financially. Perhaps because of their nearly non-existent pay—they had the reputation for making off with things that did not belong to them, which led people to think of shepherds as crafty and dishonest. In fact, their reputation was so bad that they were not even allowed to bear testimony in a court of law. It was just assumed that people who worked as shepherds were people who would lie. On top of this they were illiterate…they had no formal schooling whatever. Who has time to go to school when you have to watch sheep 24-7!? To summarize, in most people’s minds, shepherds were like gypsies, vagrants, carnival workers, and con men all rolled into one. They were looked down on as being part of the lowest class of the lowest class of their culture. The only group lower were lepers.


See no error – can’t care less

See error – react & publicise

See error – respond & solve

Which are you?

  • Joseph’s righteousness is seen in the tension between obedience to the law, compassion for Mary and trust in God. In your attempts to be ‘righteous’ (or in a good place with God), how do you balance attention to Scripture, to the needs of others, and to the prompting of the Holy Spirit?
  • Joseph’s part in the story is often overlooked. Whose important contributions to the life of the church or to your community are undervalued, and whose voices are not adequately heard? What can you do to help change that?
  • The place where the angels appeared to the shepherds is traditionally known as the “Tower of the Flock,” or Migdal Edar, which is very near Bethlehem.
  • This watch tower was used by the shepherds for protection from their enemies and wild beasts. It was also the place where ewes were brought to give birth to the lambs. In this sheltered building or the caves below, the priests would bring in the ewes which were about to lamb for protection.
  • According to Edersheim in The Life And Times Of Jesus The Messiah, in Book 2, Chapter 6, he states, “This Migdal Edar was not the watchtower for the ordinary flocks that pastured on the barren sheep ground beyond Bethlehem, but it lay close to the town, on the road to Jerusalem. A passage from the Mishnah, which was the original Oral Torah, given long before the Torah, or Jewish Bible was ever written, leads to the conclusion that the flocks which pastured there truly were destined for Temple sacrifices…”
  • When a lamb was born in the Tower of the Flock, it was the job of the trained Rabbi shepherds to do their royal duty and make sure the lamb was perfect, then to protect it from any possible harm. As they were born, the lambs would be wrapped carefully in swaddling clothes, just like those that would be used to wrap Jesus when he was born. The stable itself was kept ceremonially clean to allow no room for error in the birthing process.
  • According to many scholars, this Tower of the Flock, and its birthing caves below, is where Jesus was born. Jesus was God’s perfect sacrificial lamb, born in the same place where many other lambs had been born; but Jesus would be greatest, most perfect and final sacrificial lamb that ever have to be offered.

Shepherds were the unlikeliest candidates for divine visitation. They were 24/7 on a mean job, often into sheep rustling – not tolerated in a court house, continually unclean as far as Jewish religious rituals went. Never seen in Temple. Their kids only saw sheep dung – smelling all day. Smell told you shepherd was near – like the garbage truck that comes diligently nearer Christmas. God sends His first invite to them about His Earth Birth. They believe since they had no religious or science prejudice & go visit. Mary was tearful wondering how such a glorious promise could end in such a smelly place in her husband’s home town – no one giving them any space. Shepherds comes with the Evangel – this Babe has only rags to clothe but is special. No J&J or Pears but Heaven said He is special. Distressed Mom & bewildered Dad are amazed & encouraged that shepherds who never go to “church”, swear & cuss, now bear gracious words. She recovers faith & fortitude. 1715 years later Nahum Tate who died in a debtor’s prison composes the words & George Frederick Handel (before Messiah fame) about to go to prison supplies Music, to the now immortal, “While the shepherds watched their flocks by Night”. God Forever with Us – who have no reputation.

Heaven celebrates equally whenever Christmas becomes personally relevant as Christ is born in another heart.

These were no ordinary shepherds. They watched over sheep belonging to the Temple. These sheep would be raised deformity free to be sold in the Temple. When ordinary people brought sheep for sacrifice, their sheep would be rejected so that Temple sheep had to be bought at higher price with temple money at temple exchange rate.

Bethlehem’s Birth promoted & celebrated Joseph & Mary’s long term devotion, add to that Elizabeth & Zecharias – faithful thru shame of barrenness, Anna & Simeon expectant thru decades of decadence of Israel – in an age of quick fix, short relationships, excuses for infidelity, easy offence, frustration fuss, meteoric success – Christmas teaches us promise thru pain, promotion thru persistence, enduring expectation, power in poverty, strength in weakness, authority in meekness, sacrifice before success – not quite the ingredients of Modern Christianity.

Christmas – hope that won’t die, faith that won’t fail, love that will not give up

Christmas – song

Mary was never caught in compromise

Why Bethlehem Was an Altar

Altar is where man meets God. Deity took Humanity in Bethlehem. Altar changed. God came to Meet Man. Man coming to an altar tries hard to please God, pay for pooja, fall prostrate. At Bethlehem, God fell prostrate as Babe in the Manger borne by 3 cross shaped structures. God tried hard to please man. Take up human life “risking” rejection & taint of sin.

Bethlehem – Every Cause had its cost – see the Prize & pay the cost

Mary was never caught in compromise

Never a chance for any for any surmise

Virgin Births the New,  Old for demise

Glory of God & peace to man harmonise

Messiah born as Baby, affirmed Family. No 5 star comforts, blue nappies – but wrapped in old bandage cloth, torn form old garments. Luke alone records when He was 12 years old, the Family kept the tradition of visiting Jerusalem. His mother’s maternal anguish & even authority is expressed, “Luk 2:48  And when his parents saw him, they were astonished. And his mother said to him, “Son, why have you treated us so? Behold, your father and I have been searching for you in great distress.” Mary’s continuing concern is seen when she went to enquire when He would go days on end working with scanty meals & no rest. Luk_2:51  And he went down with them and came to Nazareth and was submissive to them. And his mother treasured up all these things in her heart.



‘Tis that time of Year – hopeless take hope

Air rings with cheer – for those who mope

For Me Christmas Would Be….  Said Jesus…..

Look around for hungry eyes – peering thru the glass doors meet

Thinly hiding Christmas goodies – buy them some before you eat

Buy them some  new clothes – see them in tears as rags they wear

Remember Christ Child – clothed only by old rags His Mom did tear

What might be the dirty place

Christ the King may today Grace

A place most needing His face

Saviour has never lost one case

Inn is never a clean place – with Dung & animal urine

Ancestor to Christ Child – Rahab had reputation of sin

Ruth a gentile widow with stigma enters the honor role

Christ Child by His Conception redeems mother’s soul

Child of Controversy causing the downfall of the mighty

Lowly Shepherds are first invites for this Eternal Jubilee


What Saviour is this, where’s His Glory – Lying in a Manger

Though Dawkins puffs & Hawking huffs – God not in danger

To Invade the Mighty Roman Empire & priestcraft’s veneer

God Babe confidently ushered via a Virgin foretold by a Seer

Immanuel – God with us, for us, in us, thru us – ne’er against us


What Saviour is this, where’s His Glory – Lying in a Manger

Though Dawkins puffs & Hawking huffs – God not in danger

To Invade the Mighty Roman Empire – man’s injustice & fear

God Babe ushered by a Virgin as foretold by Isaiah the Seer

Immanuel – God with us, for us, in us, thru us – ne’er against us

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Diagnose error  & publicise error or see the error & be the solution.

Or see no error.

Turning Tables beginning in the Stable

Mary said Yes…Joseph said but… Yes

Augustus Caesar directed to call Census

God Almighty as Helpless Babe – Dress

Takes on Caesar, Herod, Priest the press

Rags His armour, straw bed His throne

Innocence His weapon, love to His own

Birth to Reconcile Rifts & Heal Bruises – Dr Lalith Mendis

Birth to Reconcile Rifts & Heal Bruises – Dr Lalith Mendis

Disarmament Bethlehem Style

There was never a Birth which reconciled so many rifts & healed so many bruises, as the Birth of Jesus, the Messiah. Christmas news began with an old couple (Zechariah & Elizabeth), considered time past, coming to limelight – receiving the promise of a child, at an unlikely age (perhaps 48yrs). While Kings were visibly ruling (Augustus Caesar the Emperor & Herod the King), His-Story was being written by God’s sparrows & swallows who had no strength but God. Luke the Physician Historian accurately records historical dates, making Luke’s Gospel reliable for Archaeological excavation, which made Captain Lee Wallace, an atheist to become a believer & write Ben Hur which became a Great Epic.

Sir William Mitchell Ramsay (1851–1939), the archaeologist and professor from Oxford and Cambridge Universities,- regarding trustworthiness of Christmas Story by Luke – “I take the view that Luke’s history is unsurpassed in regard to his trustworthiness … . You may press the words of Luke in a degree beyond any other historian’s and they stand the keenest scrutiny and the hardest treatment”.

Luke originally came to Israel to investigate why so many rich & influential Roman Nobles were believing in a poor Palestinian Saviour, who was executed like criminal by Roman “justice”. Luke was commissioned by his boss, Theophillus to whom Luke addresses the Gospel that bears his name. as Luke kept investigating, he believed in the unravelling story as he went to primary sources, who were yet alive including the mother of Jesus.

How did Magi Know Date of Messiah Birth besides seeing the Star?

Sir Colin Humphreys, Cambridge scientist along with Graeme Waddington, Astrophysics of Oxford has calculated Jesus’ crucifixion to be in April 3rd of AD 33 – precisely the day prophesied by Daniel the prophet in 566 BC as being 483 Lunar years (173880 days)  from the edict of Artaxerxes to rebuild Jerusalem in 444 BC.  (Mystery of the Last Supper: Reconstructing the Final Days of Jesus, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2011) – cited by Prof John Lennox – Against the Flow pp299,300. An astounding prophecy proved by investigation – undeniable proof of veracity of scripture. It is the same prediction that includes the Messiah’s birth. Many believe Magi of Nebuchadnezzar’s court, who associated Daniel, passed this info down the generations until the Time of Messiah Birth when Magi of that generation visited Baby Jesus.

Many Gaps Bridged – Breaches Sealed

When God took human birth, His Birth reconciled rifts & healed bruises.

  • Born Seed of Woman Gen 3:15 – women often become the oppressed in any generation. Women of Galilee were no exception. The average Jew said – God I thank you I was not born a Samaritan, woman, or a gentile. By the time Messiah was born, Jewish Rabbi had distorted God’s Law on marriage which prohibited divorce. Rabbi had it that you could put away a woman & take another for what ever cause – even a culinary mistake. Jesus set the record right. Protecting traditional marriage is the best way to protect vulnerability of women.
  • Messiah’s Birth Redeemed Racial Discrimination & prejudice against violated women – He had in his descent 3 women of scandalous background as Pharisaic Jews would stigmatise. Tamar – whose illegitimate son by Judah, Peleg, entered Messianic ancestry.  There was also Rahab, the prostitute on the walls of Jericho – in His genealogy, and Ruth the Moabite widow who married Boaz, Prince of Bethlehem in 1170 BC.
  • Messiah’s Birth Redeemed Human Birth – Hippocrates enjoined censure for abortion in his famous Oath. “medical practitioner shall not help woman procure an abortion”. Roman Empire made abortion & infanticide common. Gibbon cites this as a major feature of decadence that heralds the eventual downfall of the Empire. Saviour born as normal baby affirmed value of every baby. His birth narrative affirmed that baby in the womb feels the Holy Spirit.
  • Messiah Birth – Born of Labour Class, of the proletariat – Lk 1:49 – Galilee had rich fishermen & poor carpenters who mended their boats & fishing gear. Joseph was one such poor carpenter. When Our Saviour spoke with erudition, it was said with a Galilean sneer, of our Saviour – is He not the carpenter’s son – implying that a son of a carpenter ought not to be that erudite. Of Judean descent, for Joseph to live in Galilee full of Gentiles, was oppressive – but he his family line had become poor having once served David the King. Bethlehem had a thriving weaving industry which required expert carpenters. One may say Bethlehem was like Moratuwa!!  For Master fisherman, Peter, to call Him Master must have been initially different – He being a carpenter’s son. What names do we call others re their background?
  • Born poor to make us rich2Co 8:9 For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sake He became poor, so that you through His poverty might become rich.
  • He abandoned Entitlement & showed that born poor is no excuse.
  • Motherhood sanctified – in a world of fashion & figure, devaluing family & maternity, Saviour’s birth ennobled motherhood.
  • He was born powerless – it was a time the powerless wished they were not born. There were religious powerful or political powerful. He epitomised that meek can rule. This was the Great Mystery of Godliness. He demonstrated that God helps unfit to survive & even thrive. He proved that every obstacle is a gift waiting to be turned into an opportunity. He stopped for the lame & powerless – He did not think it’s wasted time. He identified with despised Galilee, laughed at Nazareth & with rejected Samaritans. His revolution involved people who had no power. /
  • Born under a Curse to Redeem us from the Curse
  • Human born to give us Divine Birth
  • Human Sonship to give us Divine Sonship

Violated Rights – Spirit Wins

“My mother didn’t try to abort me but the King tried to kill me because corrupt priests used their religious knowledge & said – the one born with a star in Bethlehem will one day be King. My earthly dad had a hard time making ends meet. My mom had a hard time consoling me as peers shouted bad names that I was conceived illegitimate. My earthly dad suffered ignominy for living in Galilee. They insulted me that I am from Galilee and that Nazareth was the worst place in Galilee. They taunted Me – can anything good come out from Galilee. I was heckled as the carpenter’s son. They said – carpenter’s son, how can he speak words of erudition. Rich fisher traders paid pittance for back breaking work of carpentry that serviced the fishing industry. My earthly siblings ridiculed me for My calling. The Establishment connived to assassinate Me – in this Religion united with politics. But then they were only facilitating My Mission – that for this Cause Was I born”. He said the same at His trial.

“My Soul Magnifies the Lord. My Spirit Rejoices in God my Saviour” . I am thinking – deep rejoicing with great gratitude with no chemical stimulants comes from the spirit of man. This potentiates our Reward System & we never have to excite the opioid driven anti-reward systems. Potentiating Reward System with “rejoicing in the spirit” methinks is a viable way to overcome PTSD & other addictive or stress conditions.

Pro 20:27  The spirit of man is the lamp of the LORD, searching all his innermost parts. Spirit of man is where resilience is. Spirit speaks for the other side from the better side. This is where we bounce back & give ourselves & others another chance. Spirit is the repository of hope & even faith if you get over your prejudice. Spirit is the flame that searches inner recesses, nooks, corners & recesses of our being where lurks hurt, humiliation, horror, hates – casting a quickening illuminating ray – to see ourselves in truth. Spirit is where we say – I will forgive. Spirit is where we say – I am sorry, please forgive me. Kill the spirit & man dies. The Gulag couldn’t kill the spirit of Alexandre Solzhenitsyn. Spirit is also where music soars & song births. Art forms shapen & man becomes more than atoms.


Other Introductions to the King

Matthew’s other name was Levi & was trained as a scribe & Levite. Yet he turned to be a taxgatherer for Rome and was hated by the Jews. Just as Zaccheus was. Yet the Lord visits to redeem. In time, God chose Matthew to write the Gospel that would explain to the Jews that Jesus was the Messiah, by using his in depth knowledge of  OT scriptures & Jewish tradition. Matthew presented Messiah as Son of Abraham & the King who came in Davidic royal lineage. So Matthew was redeemed.

Last OT Prophet, Malachi, spoke in 430 BC & God was silent until the Angel of the Lord visited Zecharias while he was in priestly duty, some months before the Saviour’s Birth. During the silence of God, Israel suffered terrible atrocities at the hands of many invaders , the worst being Antiochus Epiphanes. Malachi’s prophecy named Messiah the Sun of Righteousness. As only scripture could having as author Holy Spirit for both Old & New T, Zecharias speaks of the Messiah as the Dayspring or Sun Shining from above

Zecharias rightly said – God has visited & redeemed His people. Visit has a military connotation, on behalf of His people against their enemies. Our enemies are not people but our weaknesses, pride & prejudices. God invaded gross darkness as a Baby – very confident of the outcome. We can also be confident when trials or giants assail us. Remember the Babe who could not be destroyed by tyrannical Herod!!

 Disarmament Bethlehem Style

The most powerful Potentate became defenceless Babe in Bethlehem. Confident that a graced life script is mightier than sword & truth more powerful than Rome’s brawn & mercy triumphs over laws of religion. Meekness was His Might. He immediately was the target of Tyrannical Herod & conspiratorial clergy. On the cross, He dropped all guard & stretched out His arms exposing Himself to complete vulnerability & de facto wounding. By His stripes we were healed. When intimidated, Remember the Babe!! By this birth, He battled a mom’s fears, dad’s uncertainty, relatives’ ridicule, stable’s tetanus bacilli, king’s murderous wrath – Cheer Up.


At the end of time, the Great Assize was assembled. The King of kings was due and the great White Throne was set. The vast sea of humans had a little time for contemplation; time for repentance was past. Yet they said….A Negro slave from 18th century USA – How can One judge me. Does he know the agony of being born a slave under a powerful nation. Having no roots or rights? Whip-lashed for no reason; treated like chattel. How can He judge me, without getting into my boots. A poor man – Does HE know what it is to labour long, till your palms are sore and callused, in the white hot sun, walking many miles? Does HE know the ignominy of having no place to call your own? I have hungered often. Does HE know hunger pangs? A woman born out of wedlock – Oh the shame I have suffered from my childhood when people would lift their nose up at me and call me and my mother names, because my father was not known. Oh the pain of rejection because of the pain I brought my mother. I said it is better had I not been born. How can anyone ever judge me? A victim of an unjust trial – who knows the agony for being slandered and framed for an offence I never committed. To be dragged in the mud publicly after all the good I did. This is a farce. Who can judge me after what I have suffered?

Then a vision of the life of the Saviour passed before the eyes of all who were assembled at the Great Assize. A Voice from heaven said – I was born to a slave nation, to its poorest region. I was called an illegitimate Child. In My earthly sojourn I had no place to lay My head. I was crucified after a fixed trial. The judged is today the JUDGE

On a starry night in Bethlehem’s fields

A shepherd boy wearily his flock keeps

Did he remember David, his ancestor?

Or did he just be humble sheep pastor

Can I like other children go to school?

Or forever diminish in this sheep drool

Will I have fiddle to stroke & toys to play

Or I grow old die unsung – shepherd’s way


Skies light up & glory shines softly bright

God comes seeking Meek & Mild – Right

All wrong beneath His Heel, Mighty Babe

God invades as Infant Jesus – Joy Awake

Lifting up the disenfranchised Justice ablaze

Sword turns to poet’s pen by His Holy Gaze

Haughty cast down, kings & priests conspire

He will cause the sun to set on man’s empire


Innkeepers sadly missed the Golden moment

Angels trumpeted, donkeys brayed Hail the King

They clean the dung & spread the straw

If not five star let’s give Him our paw

Lambs did baa..& cattle did moo, Goats give a chin up–

Creator comes to them – they smell Him, sssmm…..

Awake the World – a Saviour Is Born

Without he Commercial glitterati…

Frail Maiden in Carpenter’s Embrace

Welcomes God’s Son – Truth & Grace

Homecoming was painful to Joseph – for Census, ‘cos Rome wanted to Tax more rather than provide benefit to populace – that’s Politics – your Tax money at work for whom…Politicians!!! Carpenters were greatly acclaimed in ancient Bethlehem, ‘cos the City’s thriving linen weaving industry provided vestments for priests – valued craftsmanship. Handloom needed expert carpentry. Centuries later Bethlehem’s carpenters were struggling just like Moratuwa carpenters today. In raucous Galilee they slaved for the rude & reckless but rich fishermen traders such as hurly burly Simon Peter. Coming back to Bethlehem, Joseph’s ancestral town, he worried if his pregnant wife would be well treated. Will they find a place? Will relatives be nasty? He will soon forget the grievances – Joy to the World was Born!!

Do Not render Unto Caesar that which is Not Caesar’s

Do Not render Unto Caesar that which is Not Caesar’s

Mat 22:21  They said to Him, Caesar’s. Then He said to them, Therefore render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things which are God’s.

The problem begins when Caesar demands what is not his t be given to Him. So Peter answered,

Act 4:19-20  But Peter and John answered and said to them, Whether it is right before God to listen to you more than to God, you judge.  (20)  For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.


At that time, the Sanhedrin was Caesar. They ordered the apostles not to preach. What if they listened to Caesar? Very early the Roman Empire illegitimated Christianity. The Empire demanded Caesar be worshipped. Many Christians were put to death. When the State Church found Imperial favour, others who refused were hunted. This was the case in Russia and China. The State Church carried the voice of Caesar. Believing Christians defied and went underground. So the birth of the Underground Church. Brother Andrew regularly defied  Caesar and became God’s smuggler. In one book he explains the “ethics of smuggling” .

Martin Luther & Mahatma Gandhi became famous for civil disobedience because they defied unjust sectarian and racial laws. When the Dutch in Sri Lanka illegitimated Roman Catholicism, Fr Joseph Vaaz  camouflaged as a cobbler, came to serve the Catholics. Hitler’s Germany learnt the bitter lesson of obeying Caesar while Hitler’s SS came for Slavs, Communists, Trade Unionists, Jews. The powerful Lutheran Church played ball with Hitler. Pope did the same. This made way for Martin Niemoller’s  famous statement (Only Lutheran Bishop who stood up to Hitler and was imprisoned) – “when they came for me there was no one to speak for me”.

These thoughts are relevant because in different countries, Christians will have to disobey Caesar to different degrees.

  1. They can make it compulsory for all medical practitioners to provide abortion services. Christians will have to disobey at the risk of being struck off the role. (such laws are being formulated in the US)
  2. Already some Christians serve prison sentence for refusing conscription for conscience issues
  3. They are making it mandatory to recruit homosexuals even by Churches. Homosexualism in being enforced. All countries will be coerced.
  4. In many EU countries European patenting has outlawed indigenous products. ISO registering will outlaw other products all in the name of quality control
  5. Revelation chap 13 says in some countries where the rule of antichrist will be in full sway, you will need his number to buy & sell. Some Christians are trying to work out an alternate banking & trading system.
  6. Religion of Universal Brotherhood sponsored at UN General Council by Ted Turner will be the official religion of many nations. Evangelical Christians in such countries will be proscribed. You will have to disobey Caesar. Get ready now.
  7. Using genetically modulated seeds and abandoning natural & indigenous flora & fauna will become mandatory. Agrochemical driven cultivation by multinational will swallow up the local farmer. He will be a slave buying seeds, chicks, feed or fertilizer and selling back produce to the provider for a pittance, .
  8. National Vaccination programs will be enforced that endanger health. Purpose is twofold. One is to interfere with natural immunity and create greater markets for pharmaceuticals. The other is to remove unwanted populations. There are Christians in US who live outside the National vaccination program and national education programs.
  9. National education programs will make belief in evolution compulsory and also will advocate family values according to secular humanism. The Australian minister of finance lives with a Lesbian and her pregnant partner has brought a child into the “family”.
  10. Water will be made a globalised resource and will be taken out of the control of national sovereignty
  11. All this will be done initially with the consent of bankers, politicians, accountants & tax consultants in the name of good governance & regulation. The purpose would be to assess wealth of all, so that all wealth could be centrally controlled. There was a time those who were in professionals services were national household names because of their sacrificial services. Now it is the stock market investors who make national news for fete or fraud. One reason for this is that all of government is market driven. Other reason is that the Professionals were willing to market their services purely for profit. Honour of the Profession is no more the code. Profit from the profession is the bottom line.
  12. Laws that protected the local economy & fixed assets (land) have been changed relentlessly in order to allow foreign ownership, lending & manipulation of stock market & money market. This will be done with the help of lawyers & judiciary. When the nation wakes up, it will be too late wriggle out of big brother control. Human Rights are just one modus operandi to interfere with sovereign nations.