Planned End Game (Armageddon} is this

Planned End Game (Armageddon} is this

  1. Elite destabilise sovereign nations & “make” immigrants – political or economic.
  2. Boundaries of Sovereign Nations will be made to blur
  3. National leaders will be made to “fail” by folly or incentives or by created trouble as is engineered on USA streets
  4. National leaders will play into their hands by mismanaging genuine or false minority grievances
  5. Then the same “Press” will announce it’s time for a great global alliance leader who will be touted as non sexist, non racist, non nationalist, non sectarian etc. etc…
  6. “Nations are too foolish to govern themselves” – will be the slogan!!! – so the enlightened Press & the Illuminated Elite will push.
  7. Be ready Nation – a strong national leader is the antidote to interventional global fuehrer
  8. Global Press will play the interludes of the scripted end drama with Entertainment opiating the masses
  9. Please vote next time for Leader who represents Nation State rather than Global Fiefdom which ever Nation you are.
  10. Protecting Nation State is not Nationalism or Extremism it’s the only remedy to stop the global fiefdom – all systems ply global fiefdom – politics, neoliberal economics, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, entertainment industry, human trafficking, engineered migrant crises, terror fostering to destabilise Sovereign states, enforced global religious order