Antireward Systems in Addiction

Addiction has been conceptualized as a progression from impulsive to compulsive behavior, ending in chronic, relapsing consumption of addictives – drugs, sex, pornography, food, digital, gambling. Patients with impulse control disorders experience an increasing sense of tension or arousal before committing an impulsive act; pleasure, gratification or relief at the time of committing the act; and then regret, self-reproach or guilt after the act (Anti Reward System)

Fathers Wanted Alive to Be Honoured

Fathers Wanted Alive to Be Honoured

Dr Lalith Mendis

Home Building – Fathers need help these days. We need fathers at home to build marriage & family. We need fathers at work to maintain standards & mentor juniors. We need fathers for politics if nations are to survive. Habitudes are what father creates for house. He makes the invisible foundation strong. He provides the rocks while mom provides mortar. Two together is better than one. Father makes the roof – visible covering. Door is your ever increasing opportunities into life’s ways. While mom minds home plot – growing & gathering, father wins the world for the son & daughter. He will arrow-shoot son into destiny & spearhead daughter’s future. He is ever mindful that he must keep the windows of heaven open for blessing on all what the family does.

Habitudes father cultivates seemingly effortlessly – they stay in the air even when he is not at home – even after He has gone home to heaven. He bends low to pick up the crap. His voice of cheer reverberates. Encouragement, appreciation & honour are the curtains that invisibly hang. Pearls of wisdom glow at dinner table. Memorable evening walks & play time with family keeps him slim & fit. The beggar is never sent away empty at the door. The poor humble relative is given a warm welcome. He has taught them to fan the smoking wick into flame again & to refashion melodious flute from the bruised reed. Long afterwards his children will say – if dad was around he would do it this way. In any trouble – in the worst, daughter remembers, “Dad the last resort is there for me”. When grandchildren arrive the serious man becomes the playmate, comedian & play actor for every drama they enact. After his Home Call up above, fragrance of a father’s habitudes hangs thick in the home, bathing the day – generations arising to call him blessed. Father – count the cost & pay it. It’s worth every hour & every sweat drop & the occasional heart bleed of sacrifice.

  • Father is Lover & Protector of Mom & home – Decision maker – Provider
  • Life Giver to family– creative fun maker – ever green. When father is home – cheer & mirth burst forth. Neighbours know – all the windows are open – there’s sunshine in the house.
  • He Creates Habitudes
  • Teacher – trainer – he not only teaches truth on life, morals & mathematics he models & & trains you by your side. He is coach & mentor. He walks the talk
  • Hero – Role Model – not Benten or rage musician but dad is great
  • Play Mate – lasting memories are made while playing – fair play & share. All work & no play makes Jack Senior a Boor.
  • Admirer – Encourager – father finds a thing to admire in any effort.
  • Fan – cheer leader – always their screaming support.
  • Last Resort – he makes you see the silver lining in the dark black cloud. In dad’s smile & embrace anger & embarrassment melt away. You recover lost face & lost innocence. He still believes in you – long after the world’s cameras move away to spot the next hot spot.
  • Shepherd of the Bountiful Home id helped by the Shepherd of my Soul – When Dad’s around you sure feel well supplied. Lack of dad – children & mom – look for wrong things. Orphaned they crave. Dad leads you by unruffled waters & provides rest in green pastures without poison. He knows lie down time & time to lead. Instinctively father picks up when all is not well. He restores/ recovers – heals bruises. He discerns for family paths of righteousness in grey light. There cannot be even one shade of grey when father causes his light to shine & lead. Father let’s encourage ourselves never to allow grey to creep into our lives.  Father fortifies family not only for fun & mountain top experiences but also for the valleys of life – when fear, illness, disappointment assail – we have been prepared. He knows trials may outweigh trophies in real life. Triumph is climactic but trial is longer lasting. Dad like heavenly Father mostly supplies with staff but knows the correctional need for rod. Supplying staff & rectifying rod are dad’s paternal implements he wears all the time – with words, moods & deeds – by example & exposition.

With dad around the table is the most happening place. Every meal a joy. Unfazed by digital intrusion – head of the home on head chair. Well provided – you prepare my table & well protected – anointing head with oil of wisdom & seasonal knowledge. My cup overflows.

Goodness gives no place for wrong but mercy closely follows if…..what a dad has done will last all the days of child’s life. Corporate or Academy will forget you fast – but you live on in the lives & memory of your progeny. They are the Platinum Plaque of Honour – your valedictory.

Awards Day – It was the grandest ever awards ceremony – Royal Maroon & Gold splendour was everywhere to see. Not many handsome, not many famous, not many academic – but all had ceremonial robes of gold & maroon – real academic gowns for the occasion. It was a great reunion. Some left their family while their children were so young. Some had to leave when their children needed them most. But the Father of the fatherless & Husband of the widow had reconstructed. Today was a day not for tears but for tears to convert to pearls. There was no autism, cerebral diplegia, Down’s to be seen. All children were ethereally radiant. Fathers whose hands were knotted, gnarled & scarred in hard labour & other dads brow wrinkled in academic toil stood together. Some paupers on earth – others billionaires – it mattered not on this Day. They were all now arrayed with the gold & maroon gowns. Crowns of honour were set row upon row for grandest show ever. Father’s day in heaven. Well Done Thou Good & Faithful Servant my Son – said the enormous banner. A Great family   reunion. Moms were cheering all the way as father, mother, son & daughter united – pain free, debt free, heroin free – forgiven & felicitated. Families fortified, favoured & Blessed – no more assault on family