Testing Theory

Scientifically Examining Christianity (without taking pot shots on FB)

  1. Is the fundamental end result of Christian belief “a transformed life” proven in the laboratory of life? Is it a repeatable experiment with same end result in those who submit to conditions of the trial?
  2. Are the Scriptures of Christianity textually verifiable?
  3. Is the Historicity of the person of Jesus Christ verifiable?
  4. Does archaeology attest Biblical claims & records where verifiable?
  5. Is the Christian belief system internally cohesive?
  6. Are theories of Origins testable science?
  7. Is there any scientific evidence for life after death
  8. Does the Supreme Moral Law necessitate a Supreme Moral Lawgiver? Will humanity crumble as we keep breaching those norms for life, family, foetus, the weak, Is Law only the majority opinion that whips all other?
  9. Why is it good to survey arguments from Ontology, Cosmology, Teleology without being resorting to rhetoric, polemics, sloganeering regarding intellectual systems of belief
  10. How does the Theory of Evolution equate to a Religion – what part of it is belief without fact.