Multitasking & Alzheimer

At any age multitasking produces a “milkshake brain”. Get your child (or adult) to grow attention span to 30 min at 12 years & 20 min at 5 years. Multitasking between digital games, cartoons, sms, tweet, blog, phone induce non-preferred multidirectional firing of neurones increasing “background noise” scrambling memory. Do one thing at a time so you don’t loose salience. (Salient point). Studying a section to a satisfactory end is satiety – relevant for eating to a finish at the right time (no snacking). Multitasking within a 30 min span producing inattention & short attention span is known to predispose to Alzheimer. Knowing two languages protects against Alzheimer. So work on one thing for 30 min.


Cholesterol was a modern myth

Cholesterol was a modern myth monster & statins was the mythical Galahad. Every ten years Pharmaceutical industry needs a fantastic myth to earn fabulous profit. Cholesterol is synthesised in the human body with enzyme catalysis & negative feedback control. Which means when there is enough, synthesis slows down. By first principles cholesterol myth should never have been believed even by 3rd year medical students. But then all profit by “research” that searches for “good” drugs. So we have to manufacture diseases. Once we found drugs for diseases – now we find diseases for drugs. Statins made the problem worse by reducing omega 3 fatty acid synthesis while vegetable oils supply too much Omega 5 & 6 FA. Oxidative free radicals of unsaturated long chain FA, high sugar & imbalance of Omega 3 vs 5/6 damaged the intima of arteries causing atherosclerosis.

Alert Parent

Alert Parent

How parents need to watch all eyes & ears – Children are the target of

  1. Addictive digital stimulation scrambling their memory & attention span,
  2. Fantasy evoking spooky stuff disturbing sleep,
  3. Dyspathy provoking cartoons that make them rude bullies,
  4. Violence provoking toys & games,
  5. Narcissistic lifestyles,
  6. Heroic fanfare towards unsavoury characters – fractured loyalty,
  7. Liver damaging (steatosis) junk food adverts,
  8. Allergy inducing vaccines & a battery of anti-allergy drugs,
  9. Easy diagnosis of behavioural aberrations & Chemicalising drugs minting profit for Pharmaceutical companies,
  10. Over-prescription,
  11. Excess confectionaries, vegetable oil substituted fake milk products,
  12. Sexual provocations destroying childhood innocence advancing adulthood precocity.

bottom up regulation

Impulsive, hyperactive behaviour promoted by digital surplus makes children & youth take risk, seek thrills & push limits. One day they will find themselves on the wrong side of the Law. Digital over stimulation by war games, thrill games over wire the Risk pathway of PFC making children or youth risk prone – including gambling & drug abuse. Digital surplus wired them for bottom up regulation – start sudden, no planned navigation, thrills on the way rather than wait patiently for end pleasure & reward. Quick results – attitude spills over to food, money, sex. Digital ill effects can be corrected by Empathic Learning Therapy. Books on Right Learning, Mistake Management & Protecting children from the Market – available at Sarasavi, Vijitha Yapa, MD Gunasena, Lake House,


Let the Children Come

We have a mandate, mission & inescapable commission – Let the children come to me. All that happens to children by parental neglect, digital surplus & market force of entertainment, drugs, allergies, junk food – alienate them from parents & distance them from God. There is a real need to educate the younger professionals & all work force – corporate & public, that children’s digital health is important – especially focussing on 0 – 12 years. Often the cause of speech defect is that mom gave no time for speech interaction. Child best picks up phonemes in the first 3 years from mom. In the first year he can pick up any language.

Turn Heart of Parents to Children

I hope parents heart will turn to children to give them time as they hear the scientific facts on right learning & empathic development of childhood. Because digital nanny is one main reason that separates children from parents. Cultural revolution in China intentionally separated hearts of parents from children. One child policy caused the abortion of millions of girl children. Digital engagement isolates generations as nothing else ever before. Parents find digitally nanny convenient – less time need be given to children even after they return from work. Children engage machines, games, cartoon characters & gadgets – siblings no more play with each other. Children go dyspathic – unable to relate socially. There is high drama about – my super child. With minimal heart engagement & time investment, parents desperately believe they are doing their best for the kids. They pep them up with slogans rather than heart & time. Children believe in the make-believe enthusiasm. However they can’t deliver the goods – competition is very high in this kidz blitz of do & show, perform & prove. Many paid tutors work hard to bridge the gap of no-parent-time. Stressed up children cringe inwardly to know who they are & their real worth from parents whom they see less & less. I write hoping parents will give time before teens say – now we know to occupy life without you.

Fantastic vs Realistic

Fantastic vs Realistic – Default mode network is whom we think we are. Children (or adults) need to be still & know. We can’t get all our info from surreal outside. Cartoons, digital games, blogging, FB selfies, tweets, multitasking, switching on & off – all make their world all external – with empty insides. Frequent thrills & fab stuff act like fizzy energy drinks. Fantastic it has to be – realistic & common chores are dull & boring. Quest for fantastic lands them in trouble even against the law. Show replaces do. Honest assessment depresses them – interpreted as rejection. We have to work to improve their attention span & follow thru using what they like –such as drama production. This is the way of Empathic Learning Therapy.